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Alessandro Summer Dreaming – Swatches & Review

alessandro summer dreaming

Hi there!! Today I have five polishes from Alessandro Summer Dreaming collection to show you. If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw all of these already in my stories. But if you don’t, then here they are!

I can’t wait to go on summer vacation, so summer collections are something that take me away and I feel like I am already at the sea with a good cocktail in my hands. The sound of the sea, hot summer sun and me laying in the shadows of a palm tree, isn’t that dreamy? 😀

No back to reality and see what I have to show you.


Sun Kissed White* – Alessandro Summer Dreaming

This is a nail polish with a sheer white base full of micro glitter. The formula is great, but it doesn’t cover in two coats. So if you are looking for a full coverage in two coats, this might not be for you. It does cover fully in three coats, but then you have a lot of nail polish on your nails. However, I have to point out that I love the fact that it’s a bit sheer in two coats. It goes on smoothly and evenly. There are no sheerer spots on nails afterwards. You know, some sheer polishes can be a real pain and just can’t be applied evenly. Well this one can be and it looks beautiful.

I applied three coats on my ring finger and the rest are covered in two, so you can see the difference. I prefer two coats.

alessandro sun kissed white alessandro sun kissed white alessandro sun kissed white


Melon Sorbet* – Alessandro Summer Dreaming

The base colour here is nude pink and the polish contains pink or silver sheen, I really can’t say.

This sheen can cause some difficulty in application. Sometimes the brush strokes can be visible because of that. But here they aren’t. The polish applies smoothly and evenly across all nails. So the formula is great and it covers fully in two coats.

alessandro Melon Sorbet alessandro Melon Sorbet alessandro Melon Sorbet


Soft Saffron* – Alessandro Summer Dreaming

It’s brownish orange with a creme finish. I love it. It’s a bit different from your usual nail polish colour and I like that about it. It’s unique. And I think either you will love it or hate it, there is no middle way with this one.

It went on smoothly and it was fully opaque in two coats.

alessandro soft saffron alessandro soft saffron alessandro soft saffron


Sensual Kiss* – Alessandro Summer Dreaming

Oh this one! It’s a perfect red for my skin tone. It’s on the warmer side, with a hint of terracotta. The application was like a dream. It has a jelly finish and is fully opaque in two coats. Perfection!!

alessandro sensual kiss alessandro sensual kiss alessandro sensual kiss


Sun & Breeze* – Alessandro Summer Dreaming

And the last one. It is a true turquoise and up until I started applying it I thought it had a creme finish. So, it has a bit of sheen, but very subtle. It’s almost invisible on the nails.

The formula is great, it applies easily and it is opaque in two coats.

alessandro sun breeze alessandro sun breeze alessandro sun breeze


I like them all. This collection is soo versatile, yet all the polishes can be used together in one nail art. What do you think? Do you have a favourite or are you like me and like them all? 😀

You can get them here: e.kozmetika and in stores: Maxi, Beautique, Nama (they are 20% off this week) and some beauty salons.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!! xoxo


L.O.V LOVinity – Devoted Denim & Bridal Bloom – Swatches & Review

lov lovinity

Hi guys!! Today I am showing you a pair that has been added to the LOVinity regular line of L.O.V Cosmetics. This is the line of long lasting nail lacquers and if you are interested here are swatches of two more polishes that I swatched back in the 2016.

Now let’s start with these two. They both have great formula and are easy to apply. They are both fully opaque in two coats and they are both perfect for the spring time.


Devoted Denim* – L.O.V LOVinity

Devoted Denim is a muted, dusky turquoise. It leans more towards green then to blue, so it’s a green turquoise.

lov devoted denim lov devoted denim lov devoted denim


Bridal Bloom* – L.O.V LOVinity

This is a peachy pink. It is pink, but with a hint of peachiness. So it has warm undertones. Keep that in mind.

lov bridal bloom lov bridal bloom lov bridal bloom


Have you tried these yourself? And how do you like the brand in general? I must say I am getting quite fond of it. I already have two other polishes and a lipstick and eyebrow kit.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!! xoxo


Alessandro Perfect Pair – Pink Diva – Swatches & Review

alessandro perfect pair pink diva

Hi guys!! Today I have a swatch of Alessandro Perfect Pair in Pink Diva* for you. It is a product that consists of liquid lipstick and nail polish. Very practical when being on the road.

The liquid lipstick isn’t matte. It has more of a glossy finish, but it doesn’t get sticky. It doesn’t dry on the lips, so if you have problems with dry lips, this lipstick will be somewhat a bit nourishing for you. I like it as a touch up product, otherwise I feel like it is too heavy on my lips.

And as for the nail polish, it is of the same quality as all their nail polishes, so there is actually not much to say.


All in all I love the idea behind Alessandro Perfect Pair. It can be very handy to have it in my purse and I like it as the product on the go, especially now in the summer with all the festivals up head 😉 .

alessandro perfect pair pink diva alessandro perfect pair pink diva alessandro perfect pair pink diva alessandro perfect pair pink diva


Cirque Colors – Desert Bloom 2018 Collection – Swatches & Review

cirque colors Desert Bloom 2018

Hi guys!! The spring is finally here and so are spring polish collections. I have one of these here to show you. This is Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018 collection and I have swatches of all 9 shades. I only have two photos of each shade, because otherwise there would be too many photos and the post would have been too big. So only two photos today.

And here they are.


Pebble* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

My daughter says it’s a skin colour with black glitter. So yes, in my words, a light nude with black flakes. It is opaque in two easy coats.

cirque colors pebble cirque colors pebble


Mineralized* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

Mineralized is a tanned sister of Pebble. It has a bit of chocolate touch to it, so it can give your hands some red tint. The formula was the same as with Pebble, an easy one.

cirque colors mineralized cirque colors mineralized


Rose Canyon* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

Is a pink nude sister of the previous two polishes. It is my favourite along with Pebble out of the Speckled three polishes. And the formula is the same quality.

cirque colors rose canyon cirque colors rose canyon


Fata Morgana* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

It is a very pale lilac base with copper shimmer. It also contains very small holographic glitter, that makes it sparkle so beautifully. The shimmer also translates on to nails, so this is a major plus. The formula was very easy and it was opaque in two coats.

cirque colors fata morgana cirque colors fata morgana


Wildflowers* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

Wildflowers is also a lilac polish, but much darker and dustier. It also contains copper shimmer and very small holographic glitter. And again the shimmer translates on to the nails. The formula was the same as with Fata Morgana.

cirque colors wildflowers cirque colors wildflowers


Earthen* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

Oh, this one *_*. It’s a brownish taupe base with brown shimmer and the same small holographic glitter. The formula was again great as always and opaque in two coats.

cirque colors earthen cirque colors earthen


Dusky Skies* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

This polish was drying pretty fast, so you have to be quick with application. I don’t know the reason, because otherwise the formula looks the same as other polishes. So you might want to be careful here. It is a true blurple, so it was very hard to photograph. My camera made it look blue, but my iPhone somehow managed to capture the true shade. So the last photo is the most accurate when it comes to the colour of this polish, but it is low in quality.

cirque colors dusky skies cirque colors dusky skies cirque colors dusky skies


Palm Springs* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

It is a true turquoise base with pink shimmer and small holographic glitter. The formula was great and it needed two coats for full opacity.

cirque colors palm springs cirque colors palm springs


Taos* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

This one is my least favourite when it comes to colour. It is green with a hint of teal. The shimmer here is also pink and it also contains a small holographic glitter. And the formula was the same as with the rest of the shades.

cirque colors taos cirque colors taos


The polishes are already available on and with their stockists.

What do you think? Well, I love almost all of them. The last one is the only one that I am not a fan of. But other 8 shades look amazing to me *_*.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your polishes!! x0x0


How To Make A Spring Wreath

spring wreath

I think it’s time for winter to come to an end. We’ve had snow here in Slovenia for over a month now and I believe we are ready for plants to sprout and flowers to bloom. I need the warmth to come and the cold to go away. So in that spirit I made a spring wreath.

I was eyeing them on Pinterest since December and I knew I was going to make one when the time comes. And now that the time came, these kind of wreaths feel so right. They are full of colour and positiveness, which is something I need so bad right now. I have to fill my home with spring feeling, since the weather isn’t cooperating. And the first thing is this wreath.

spring wreath spring wreath

I bought a simple, made only of bare branches, wreath in Mömax store a while ago. And the roses too. I was searching for great quality roses, or any flowers for that matter, for quite some time on the web and I thought I found them in Merkur – a Slovenian hardware store. But then I found myself in Mömax and saw they had fake flowers there too. I must say I was impressed with them. They really are of great quality and to my disappointment the ones in Merkur aren’t. And going through all the flowers in Mömax, I also found the perfect wreath. But the best part here is that I will be able to have this spring wreath on my living room wall through the whole spring. You can make it with real flowers, but they will die in a couple of day whereas the fake ones won’t.

Making The Wreath

Here is what I did. I took kitchen twine so I would fasten the flowers on to the wreath. I didn’t want to use the glue in case I changed my mind and wanted to add some other flowers or change it in any way. But if you want to you can use the glue, it can be of great help.

I cut stems of all the roses in appropriate length and started to insert them in to the branches of the wreath. I also took the leaves off the stems and used them around the flowers to add the greenery. I tied the blooms and the leaves and once I was satisfied with my creation, I hung it on to the wall. I might move it to some place else, but for now it will hang right there.

So that’s it. Really very simple.

Enjoy the rest of the photos and thank you for reading!! xoxo

spring wreath spring wreath spring wreath spring wreath