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Alessandro Advent Calendar 2017

The second calendar I had this year was sent to me by Slovenian retailer. This is Alessandro Advent Calendar 2017. I already had a calendar from this brand two years ago, you can check it here: Alessandro Christmas Calendar 2015, but I wasn’t most impressed by it, because it had too many testers in bags. So I was interested when I got it this year, if they improved the contents. And yes they did. But I would still love to see more nail polishes in there. I think everyone would.


So this year we have seven mini nail polishes, two tester hand creams, two 5 ml nail creams, one cuticle remover, one hand peeling, two nail serums, four hand creams in various sizes (5, 10 and 30ml), one heel balm, one base coat, one top coat, one nail hardener and one nail whitener.

Those two testers could have been nail polishes and then I would have been really happy 🙂 .

And here are the contents of Alessandro Advent Calendar 2017.


Day 1: Hand!Spa Comfort Day Hand Cream 5ml

It has a very thick consistency and that makes it rather hard to spread, so I took a bigger amount of product out of the container then I usually do. And that is the reason the cream was gone in a few uses. It absorbs quickly, but it leaves some sort of film on your hands. It slowly fades away, but still, it’s there and you should know about it. If you don’t like that, then this product isn’t for you. It worked well and protected my hands well while I was using it.

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 2: Pedix Med Nail Serum

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 3: Hand!Spa Micro Peel with Fruit Acids Limited Edition 30ml

This is a chemical peeling for hands. An interesting twist and I have to admit I haven’t use it before. It contains glycolic, malic, lactic and other acids and it works pretty well. It has a gel texture and you easily rub it in to your hands. I was rubbing it for about thirty seconds and then I washed my hands with water. And after the use the skin on my hands felt so smooth and soft. So it is definitely working.

But you have to be careful, it says on the package you have to avoid sun exposure immediately after use. But I would suggest you have to wear sunscreen, when going out, just like you would on your face. So that’s a bit tricky, because you constantly wash your hands and that means you would have to reapply SPF constantly.

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 4: Hand!Spa Cream Rich Hand Cream – tester

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 5: Nail Polish Holy Guacamole

It is a bright light green with an easy formula and two coats opacity.

alessandro Holy Guacamolealessandro Holy Guacamole


Day 6: NailSpa Nail Strengthening Cream 5ml

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 7: Nail Polish Velvet Red

(already got it in 2015 calendar where you can check for swatches)

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 8: NailSpa Cuticle Remover

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 9: Nail Polish Latte Macchiato

This polish is light brown. The formula wasn’t as easy as it usually is with their polishes, but it was still easy enough. So I had no problems applying it. And the polish was opaque in two coats.

alessandro latte macchiatoalessandro latte macchiato


Day 10: Base Coat

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 11: Hand!Spa Nice Day Hand Cream 30ml

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 12: Nail Polish Rosy Wind

It is a brown polish and I am not sure if there are any rosy undertones, hence the name. The formula was easy and it was opaque in two coats.

alessandro rosy windalessandro rosy wind


Day 13: Nail Polish My First Love

It’s a beautiful spring pink with easy formula and two coats opacity.

alessandro my first lovealessandro my first love


Day 14: Pedix Feet Heel Rescue Balm 30ml

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 15: Gel Look Top Coat

I have to say here that this is my favourite top coat when it comes to nail art, because it doesn’t smudge the pattern. Especially with stamping.

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 16: Coco mango Nail Butter 5ml

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 17: Nail Polish Ruby Red

Is a really beautiful red. When I was removing it, it looked like I cut my finger, so I say it’s a proper blood red. Although blood reds tend to be darker. And it is opaque with one easy coat. I applied one coat on my middle finger and you can see there is no difference between middle and the rest of my fingers (I put on two coats on the rest).

alessandro ruby redalessandro ruby red


Day 18: Pro White – Nail Effect Polish

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 19: Nail Polish All Night Long

It’s a lot darker on nails than what it looks like in the bottle, so bare that in mind. It was easy to apply and it was opaque in two coats.

alessandro all night longalessandro all night long


Day 20: Hand!Spa Comfort Day Hand Cream – tester

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 21: Nail Serum

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 22: Express Nail Hardener

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 23: Hand!Spa Age Complex Cream Royal 5ml

alessandro advent calendar 2017


Day 24: Tenderly Melting Hand Cream 10ml

I already reviewed Tenderly melting hand cream here and I have already used up the cube edition one. And now I will start using this one. I will use it all up, because despite  its greasiness I still love wearing it during the day.

alessandro advent calendar 2017


And this is the end. I know, I am very late with the presentation, but I still wanted to show it to you. So you can have it as a guide for next year. And I hope Alessandro team reads this post and they add more polishes and no testers in here 😀 .

Thank you for reading and see you in next post! xoxo


loccitane hand care

About a week ago I went to L’Occitane store in the centre of Ljubljana to have a hand care done. I was invited by the Slovenian representative, because they wanted to show me the new One Minute Hand Scrub. It is not a manicure, it is not a massage, it is more of a care so they can show you how to properly use their products. I don’t know if they do this in other countries too. So my foreign readers go and check in your stores.

loccitane hand care

Now let me start with the treatment. First I washed my hands. Then Liza took the One Minute Scrub and put it on to my hands. She gently scrubbed my hands for about a minute with it and I have to say it’s pretty gentle. My skin felt so soft to the touch. Just like with the old scrub, but less oily (I will compare the two, once I use the new one a few more times).

I washed my hands, dried them and then Liza applied the Intensive Hand Balm. Which I by the way have at home for almost a year now, but I didn’t use it yet, because I already have too many of their hand lotions. She massaged my hands in circular movements, so the balm would absorb well. And for obvious reasons, to simply massage my hands. And to finish everything she applied Nails & Cuticle Nourishing Oil on my cuticles. She massaged everything in to my skin and nails and after about 10 minutes, she was done, sadly. It felt so good so I almost asked her to keep doing what she was doing 😀 .

My Slovenian readers, I can tell you that you can simply go to L’Occitane store, any store in Slovenia and ask for this kind of treatment. And while you are there you can use my

20% discount code LACQUEREDBITS

on all hand care products or you can use it in online store on all hand care: L’Occitane Slovenija. This code is valid until 15.02.2018. It applies only in L’Occitane stores and online, not Nama, Muller or any other store that sells L’Occitane.


And I also have a code for this lovely Trio Hand Creams, which includes Arlésienne, 30 ml, Pivoine Flora, 30 ml and Cherry Blossom, 30 ml. It retails for 24,30 €, but with my disount code


you can get it for only 16,20 €. You can use this one only online and it’s valid until 15.02.2018.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post! xoxo

loccitane one minute hand scrub loccitane one minute hand scrub loccitane one minute hand scrub loccitane hand care loccitane hand cream loccitane hand cream loccitane cuticle oil


alessandro powdery pastels

Hi there!! Today I present to you the new spring 2018 collection Alessandro Powdery Pastels. There are five shades in this collection and they are all from the pastel side of colour spectre. When I saw them online I fell in love immediately. I don’t know what it is about them, but the pastels always attract me. There are three rosy shades and two greyish in this collection. They all had great formula with two coats opacity, so there is really nothing negative to say about them. And now let’s start with them.


Romantic Morning* – Alessandro Powdery Pastels

Is the lightest of the rosy bunch. I would describe it as a pink/rosy nude pastel with hints of dustiness. Beautiful and easy to work with and you know how hard can formula with these light shades can be. And for the full opacity I applied two coats.

alessandro romantic morning alessandro romantic morning alessandro romantic morning


Dried Rose* – Alessandro Powdery Pastels

This one is a bit darker then the first one. To me it’s that antique, quaint rosy colour and I loved it on my nails. I applied two easy coats for full opacity. The brush was giving me a bit of trouble around the cuticles, so I had some cleaning to do afterwards.

alessandro dried rose alessandro dried rose


Yes, It’s Love!* – Alessandro Powdery Pastels

Is the darkest of the rosy bunch and it contains shimmer. That was a surprise to me, because I didn’t see it in the bottle. It’s very subtle, even on the nails, but it gives the colour grainy effect. I mean it’s glossy to the touch, but it looks as if there was sand in there.

It was easy to apply and opaque in two coats.

alessandro yes its love alessandro yes its love alessandro yes its love


Lazy Day* – Alessandro Powdery Pastels

The name of this polish is so perfect, a foggy lazy day. The colour isn’t just grey though, it has a touch of pink or lavender in there and it’s what makes it suitable for the spring.

I applied two easy coats for full opacity.

alessandro lazy day alessandro lazy day alessandro lazy day


Stay With Me!* – Alessandro Powdery Pastels

Is the darker grey polish, which also has some lavender tones in there. It’s beautiful and it goes great with the other polishes from this collection. This one also had an easy formula and I did two coats to reach full opacity.

alessandro stay with me alessandro stay with me alessandro stay with me


So these are the five polishes from Alessandro Powdery Pastels collection. I think they are well balanced, the whole collection can bee used in one nail art and I think I might just do that.

And what do you think? The polishes are available on Ekozmetka web site, so grab them while you can.

Thank you for reading and see you next time!! xoxo


My Favourite Nail Polish Of 2017

Hi there!! Today I am going to talk about my favourite nail polish of 2017, those that impressed me the most. Some were released at the beginning of the year and some at the end, but they all stayed in my mind and I was wowed by them. There are different brands in this list and I am glad about that. I love that so many are making beautiful polishes.

Now let’s begin. I grouped polishes by colour and not by the release date. Here they are.


Rose Golds

Naturally one of these is Cupcake Polish Wishing Well, which was created by me and the other one is Essie – S’il Vous Play. Essie is more of a purple rose gold and Wishing Well is a true rose gold.

cupcake polish wishing well lacquered bitsCupcake Polish Wishing Well cupcake polish wishing well lacquered bits


essie sil vous playEssie S’il Vous Play


Special shades

These are a bit different from the others and it’s what makes them special. The strange yellow Cirque Colors Urbanized, which can look so pretty if combined with right colours, the metallic grey green Il Etait Un Vernis Hocus Pocus and the vivid coral Cirque Colors Game Over, perfect for summer *_*.

cirque colors urbanizedCirque Colors Urbanized


il etait un vernis hocus pocusIl Etait Un Vernis Hocus Pocus


cirque colors game overCirque Colors Game Over cirque colors game over


The Blues

I couldn’t pick only a few polishes here, because there are so many and they all look great! From light blues with sheen to the holographic polishes with magnetic effect and they all look sooo pretty. I mean, how can I choose only one or two?

cirque colors hyggeCirque Colors Hyggecirque colors hygge


serum no5 Shattered Glass CeilingsSerum No. 5 Shattered Glass Ceilings


picture polish kittyPicture Polish Kitty by Lacquered Bitspicture polish kitty


picture polish storyPicture Polish Story


il etait un vernis girls night outIl Etait Un Vernis Girls Night Out


cirque colors velvetineCirque Colors Velvetine


avon agateAvon Agate avon agate


The Purples

I picked four shades to include here and they are all stunners. You’ll see.

Some have sheen over them, some have holographic effect and some have just shimmer. But they all have amazing depth to them and I think it’s what makes them so gorgeous.

morgan taylor plum thing magicalMorgan Taylor Plum Thing Magical morgan taylor plum thing magical


cirque colors qt kittyCirque Colors Qt Kitty


cirque colors coronationCirque Colors Coronationcirque colors coronation


il etait un vernis radioactive loveIl Etait Un Vernis Radioactive Love


The Reds

I included two. There are many reds out there, mostly cremes, but I have two holographic ones. They are a bit different from most of them, that’s why I will show them to you here.

Morgan Taylor Don’t Toy With My Heart has this yellow sheen, although not visible on the nails, that gives a darker base a warmer, lighter touch. And then I have Cirque Colors Rioja, which is a bit darker then average red polish, but not to dark. It’s beautifully pigmented and it has lots of holo particles in it. What do you think, are they a bit special among all the reds?

morgan taylor dont toy with my heartMorgan Taylor Don’t Toy With My Heart morgan taylor dont toy with my heart


cirque colors riojaCirque Colors Rioja cirque colors rioja


The Blacks

I noticed that in 2017 there weren’t many blacks, at least not among the polishes I swatched. So here I have only one, which looked the best among the few.

Serum No 5 Snake


These are my favourite nail polishes of 2017, now please let me know which were your favourite in 2017! Thank you for reading and see you in the next post! xoxo


2017 From Blogging Point of View

It’s been more then three years now and I think my blog has grown a lot since the beginning. Now let’s see what happened in 2017 and what I consider my biggest success. Of course all of the posts are important, but I am going to point out only a few.

I am not the kind of person who often looks back on things, but this year I feel like so much happened to my blog and to me as a blogger. So let’s see what was going on.


Making New Friendships

I feel like this is one of the most important things that happened to me in 2017. I met new people, I met some old ones and I met some great girls a long the way. Gabi and Maja from Parokeets and Maša from Low Maintenance Beauty Blog have made a way in to my life and I cherish the moments we spend together. This happened so unexpected and spontaneous and I hope it evolves in the 2018 too. So cheers to us taking on 2018 🙂 .

Make up revolution event


Creating Two Colaboration Nail Polishes

This was my dream ever since I started blogging. I mean I never actually thought I could make a collaboration shade, but I kept on dreaming. And in the first part of the year my wish came true. I mean the PP team contacted me in 2016, but my first created shade happened with another brand. The first one was created with Nailland and Cupcake Polish and I named it Wishing Well. And the second one happened last December and I created it with Picture Polish. The name I gave it was Kitty. And when it comes to blogging I think one of the biggest successes is to create your own products, where you can put your creativity to work. I am very happy and proud of myself and I hope 2018 has similar things for me as well.

picture polish kitty picture polish kittycupcake polish wishing well lacquered bits cupcake polish wishing well lacquered bits cupcake polish wishing well lacquered bits


Adding Other Content To My Blog

At the beginning of 2017 I decided to add new topics from other departments  to my blog. I felt the need to expand the content, because I felt like I was to limited in my own world, on my own blog. So slowly I incorporated things I wanted to talk about. And it felt so liberating. So now my blog isn’t just about nail polish, it is about me.

How I Write My Posts How I Write My Posts Adding New Content To My Blog



So these were the most important moments when it comes to blogging. Let’s hope 2018 will be even better!! xoxo