About Me

Hi my dear readers! My name is Metka and I am a nail enthusiast from Slovenia. I am 30 something years old and I have two little girls. One is four years old and the younger is 2. I have a husband too :).

My story goes like this. For many years I have been biting my nails and I didn’t know how to stop this habit of mine. I was trying really hard but just couldn’t stop. And then in April 2014 I just did :). I have no idea how I managed to do that, but I just did. And I am very proud of myself for that. I think our decision with my husband to get married in May 2014 had something to do with it, because hands with bitten nails and rings on them look soooo ugly to me. So I said to myself this is the right time. 

I still have beautiful long nails and I love blogging more and more every day. I still am addicted to nail polish, as a matter of fact I think I am addicted even more :).

As promised I try to post here as often as I can and I think I am succeeding at this. My girls are taking a lot of my time, but I take some time off and do my nails and blog.

And I want to thank all of you for the support and for reading my blog.

I will also include all of my discount codes here, so when you need one, just check here 🙂