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nailtiques formula 2

Hi there!! During the winter time my nails weren’t in the best of shape. So I decided to do something about that. There was a beauty fair in Ljubljana in April and I bought Nailtiques Formula 2 there. It was one of those spur of the moment things, I saw it on the shelves and I decided to buy it right there and then. The lady that sold it to me told me it would last me for about a month, but I still have it and I am still using it.

But first thing I always do before I paint my nails is take care of cuticles. I remove them with a special cuticle remover.


Caring For Cuticles

I didn’t take good care of them during the winter either. My cuticles weren’t bad at all, but still, it feels so much better when I perform my manicure regularly. To remove and keep it short and (nourished) I am still using Essence Fast Cuticle Remover. It’s cheep and I can’t find a good reason to try any other cuticle remover. So I am sticking to this one, probably until they will be producing it at Essence.

essence cuticle remover


Nailtiques Formula 2

This nail care base polish has to be applied every day for the first month. I did it like this: I applied one coat every day for a week and then I removed the polish from the nails. I repeated this for four weeks, but I have to be honest that towards the end of the month I wasn’t as strickt as I should have been. But the results were there nonetheless. And the Nailtiques Formula 2 has been my regular base coat ever since. After that month I’ve been using it as my base polish every five days.

nailtiques formula 2


And for the nourishing part I am using hand creams from L’Occitane, they are enough in the summer, even for the cuticles. But in the winter I will start using Jessica or Essie cuticle oil again.

In the photos below you can see how the progress went. The photos are taken from my IG stories thus the low quality. And sorry, but the text is in Slovene. It only says about the progress. First photo is at the beginning, the second after 14 days, the third after three weeks and the last one was taken at the end of July. I wanted to show you how long my nails can grow with the help of Nailtiques Formula 2.


What are your go to products for nails and cuticles? Do you have a staple product or do you change them a lot and can’t find the right one for you? Please let me now.


Thank you for reading and see you next time!! xoxo


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