L.O.V LOVinity – Devoted Denim & Bridal Bloom – Swatches & Review

lov lovinity

Hi guys!! Today I am showing you a pair that has been added to the LOVinity regular line of L.O.V Cosmetics. This is the line of long lasting nail lacquers and if you are interested here are swatches of two more polishes that I swatched back in the 2016.

Now let’s start with these two. They both have great formula and are easy to apply. They are both fully opaque in two coats and they are both perfect for the spring time.


Devoted Denim* – L.O.V LOVinity

Devoted Denim is a muted, dusky turquoise. It leans more towards green then to blue, so it’s a green turquoise.

lov devoted denim lov devoted denim lov devoted denim


Bridal Bloom* – L.O.V LOVinity

This is a peachy pink. It is pink, but with a hint of peachiness. So it has warm undertones. Keep that in mind.

lov bridal bloom lov bridal bloom lov bridal bloom


Have you tried these yourself? And how do you like the brand in general? I must say I am getting quite fond of it. I already have two other polishes and a lipstick and eyebrow kit.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!! xoxo


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