Cirque Colors – Desert Bloom 2018 Collection – Swatches & Review

cirque colors Desert Bloom 2018

Hi guys!! The spring is finally here and so are spring polish collections. I have one of these here to show you. This is Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018 collection and I have swatches of all 9 shades. I only have two photos of each shade, because otherwise there would be too many photos and the post would have been too big. So only two photos today.

And here they are.


Pebble* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

My daughter says it’s a skin colour with black glitter. So yes, in my words, a light nude with black flakes. It is opaque in two easy coats.

cirque colors pebble cirque colors pebble


Mineralized* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

Mineralized is a tanned sister of Pebble. It has a bit of chocolate touch to it, so it can give your hands some red tint. The formula was the same as with Pebble, an easy one.

cirque colors mineralized cirque colors mineralized


Rose Canyon* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

Is a pink nude sister of the previous two polishes. It is my favourite along with Pebble out of the Speckled three polishes. And the formula is the same quality.

cirque colors rose canyon cirque colors rose canyon


Fata Morgana* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

It is a very pale lilac base with copper shimmer. It also contains very small holographic glitter, that makes it sparkle so beautifully. The shimmer also translates on to nails, so this is a major plus. The formula was very easy and it was opaque in two coats.

cirque colors fata morgana cirque colors fata morgana


Wildflowers* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

Wildflowers is also a lilac polish, but much darker and dustier. It also contains copper shimmer and very small holographic glitter. And again the shimmer translates on to the nails. The formula was the same as with Fata Morgana.

cirque colors wildflowers cirque colors wildflowers


Earthen* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

Oh, this one *_*. It’s a brownish taupe base with brown shimmer and the same small holographic glitter. The formula was again great as always and opaque in two coats.

cirque colors earthen cirque colors earthen


Dusky Skies* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

This polish was drying pretty fast, so you have to be quick with application. I don’t know the reason, because otherwise the formula looks the same as other polishes. So you might want to be careful here. It is a true blurple, so it was very hard to photograph. My camera made it look blue, but my iPhone somehow managed to capture the true shade. So the last photo is the most accurate when it comes to the colour of this polish, but it is low in quality.

cirque colors dusky skies cirque colors dusky skies cirque colors dusky skies


Palm Springs* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

It is a true turquoise base with pink shimmer and small holographic glitter. The formula was great and it needed two coats for full opacity.

cirque colors palm springs cirque colors palm springs


Taos* – Cirque Colors Desert Bloom 2018

This one is my least favourite when it comes to colour. It is green with a hint of teal. The shimmer here is also pink and it also contains a small holographic glitter. And the formula was the same as with the rest of the shades.

cirque colors taos cirque colors taos


The polishes are already available on and with their stockists.

What do you think? Well, I love almost all of them. The last one is the only one that I am not a fan of. But other 8 shades look amazing to me *_*.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your polishes!! x0x0



  1. April 15, 2018 / 5:16 pm

    Amazing collection and swatches! Palm Springs is my favourite! I just love turquoise shades ♥!

  2. June 7, 2018 / 4:45 pm

    it feels like these are filling the void left by the closure of Rescue Beauty Lounge. I love them!

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