How To Make A Spring Wreath

spring wreath

I think it’s time for winter to come to an end. We’ve had snow here in Slovenia for over a month now and I believe we are ready for plants to sprout and flowers to bloom. I need the warmth to come and the cold to go away. So in that spirit I made a spring wreath.

I was eyeing them on Pinterest since December and I knew I was going to make one when the time comes. And now that the time came, these kind of wreaths feel so right. They are full of colour and positiveness, which is something I need so bad right now. I have to fill my home with spring feeling, since the weather isn’t cooperating. And the first thing is this wreath.

spring wreath spring wreath

I bought a simple, made only of bare branches, wreath in Mömax store a while ago. And the roses too. I was searching for great quality roses, or any flowers for that matter, for quite some time on the web and I thought I found them in Merkur – a Slovenian hardware store. But then I found myself in Mömax and saw they had fake flowers there too. I must say I was impressed with them. They really are of great quality and to my disappointment the ones in Merkur aren’t. And going through all the flowers in Mömax, I also found the perfect wreath. But the best part here is that I will be able to have this spring wreath on my living room wall through the whole spring. You can make it with real flowers, but they will die in a couple of day whereas the fake ones won’t.

Making The Wreath

Here is what I did. I took kitchen twine so I would fasten the flowers on to the wreath. I didn’t want to use the glue in case I changed my mind and wanted to add some other flowers or change it in any way. But if you want to you can use the glue, it can be of great help.

I cut stems of all the roses in appropriate length and started to insert them in to the branches of the wreath. I also took the leaves off the stems and used them around the flowers to add the greenery. I tied the blooms and the leaves and once I was satisfied with my creation, I hung it on to the wall. I might move it to some place else, but for now it will hang right there.

So that’s it. Really very simple.

Enjoy the rest of the photos and thank you for reading!! xoxo

spring wreath spring wreath spring wreath spring wreath


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