My Favourite Nail Polish Of 2017

My Favourite Nail Polish Of 2017

Hi there!! Today I am going to talk about my favourite nail polish of 2017, those that impressed me the most. Some were released at the beginning of the year and some at the end, but they all stayed in my mind and I was wowed by them. There are different brands in this list and I am glad about that. I love that so many are making beautiful polishes.

Now let’s begin. I grouped polishes by colour and not by the release date. Here they are.


Rose Golds

Naturally one of these is Cupcake Polish Wishing Well, which was created by me and the other one is Essie – S’il Vous Play. Essie is more of a purple rose gold and Wishing Well is a true rose gold.

cupcake polish wishing well lacquered bitsCupcake Polish Wishing Well cupcake polish wishing well lacquered bits


essie sil vous playEssie S’il Vous Play


Special shades

These are a bit different from the others and it’s what makes them special. The strange yellow Cirque Colors Urbanized, which can look so pretty if combined with right colours, the metallic grey green Il Etait Un Vernis Hocus Pocus and the vivid coral Cirque Colors Game Over, perfect for summer *_*.

cirque colors urbanizedCirque Colors Urbanized


il etait un vernis hocus pocusIl Etait Un Vernis Hocus Pocus


cirque colors game overCirque Colors Game Over cirque colors game over


The Blues

I couldn’t pick only a few polishes here, because there are so many and they all look great! From light blues with sheen to the holographic polishes with magnetic effect and they all look sooo pretty. I mean, how can I choose only one or two?

cirque colors hyggeCirque Colors Hyggecirque colors hygge


serum no5 Shattered Glass CeilingsSerum No. 5 Shattered Glass Ceilings


picture polish kittyPicture Polish Kitty by Lacquered Bitspicture polish kitty


picture polish storyPicture Polish Story


il etait un vernis girls night outIl Etait Un Vernis Girls Night Out


cirque colors velvetineCirque Colors Velvetine


avon agateAvon Agate avon agate


The Purples

I picked four shades to include here and they are all stunners. You’ll see.

Some have sheen over them, some have holographic effect and some have just shimmer. But they all have amazing depth to them and I think it’s what makes them so gorgeous.

morgan taylor plum thing magicalMorgan Taylor Plum Thing Magical morgan taylor plum thing magical


cirque colors qt kittyCirque Colors Qt Kitty


cirque colors coronationCirque Colors Coronationcirque colors coronation


il etait un vernis radioactive loveIl Etait Un Vernis Radioactive Love


The Reds

I included two. There are many reds out there, mostly cremes, but I have two holographic ones. They are a bit different from most of them, that’s why I will show them to you here.

Morgan Taylor Don’t Toy With My Heart has this yellow sheen, although not visible on the nails, that gives a darker base a warmer, lighter touch. And then I have Cirque Colors Rioja, which is a bit darker then average red polish, but not to dark. It’s beautifully pigmented and it has lots of holo particles in it. What do you think, are they a bit special among all the reds?

morgan taylor dont toy with my heartMorgan Taylor Don’t Toy With My Heart morgan taylor dont toy with my heart


cirque colors riojaCirque Colors Rioja cirque colors rioja


The Blacks

I noticed that in 2017 there weren’t many blacks, at least not among the polishes I swatched. So here I have only one, which looked the best among the few.

Serum No 5 Snake


These are my favourite nail polishes of 2017, now please let me know which were your favourite in 2017! Thank you for reading and see you in the next post! xoxo



  1. Mateja
    January 9, 2018 / 6:54 pm

    Kakšna paša za oči 🙂 Sami kasni odtenki. Sicer nosim večinoma navadne kremne finiše, ampak sta mi Picture Polish Story in Morgan Taylor Plum Thing Magical čudovita 🙂 Best swatches in the business <3

    • Lacquered Bits
      January 10, 2018 / 8:54 am

      Hvala Mateja <3

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