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loccitane hand care

About a week ago I went to L’Occitane store in the centre of Ljubljana to have a hand care done. I was invited by the Slovenian representative, because they wanted to show me the new One Minute Hand Scrub. It is not a manicure, it is not a massage, it is more of a care so they can show you how to properly use their products. I don’t know if they do this in other countries too. So my foreign readers go and check in your stores.

loccitane hand care

Now let me start with the treatment. First I washed my hands. Then Liza took the One Minute Scrub and put it on to my hands. She gently scrubbed my hands for about a minute with it and I have to say it’s pretty gentle. My skin felt so soft to the touch. Just like with the old scrub, but less oily (I will compare the two, once I use the new one a few more times).

I washed my hands, dried them and then Liza applied the Intensive Hand Balm. Which I by the way have at home for almost a year now, but I didn’t use it yet, because I already have too many of their hand lotions. She massaged my hands in circular movements, so the balm would absorb well. And for obvious reasons, to simply massage my hands. And to finish everything she applied Nails & Cuticle Nourishing Oil on my cuticles. She massaged everything in to my skin and nails and after about 10 minutes, she was done, sadly. It felt so good so I almost asked her to keep doing what she was doing 😀 .

My Slovenian readers, I can tell you that you can simply go to L’Occitane store, any store in Slovenia and ask for this kind of treatment. And while you are there you can use my

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And I also have a code for this lovely Trio Hand Creams, which includes Arlésienne, 30 ml, Pivoine Flora, 30 ml and Cherry Blossom, 30 ml. It retails for 24,30 €, but with my disount code


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Thank you for reading and see you in the next post! xoxo

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