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Let’s talk about Melvita today, an organic brand from the heart of Ardèche, south of France. Mel stands for honey and vita for life, because they love bees and bees are giving life to the flowers they are using.

As stated on their site:

  • they gather the purest natural and organic ingredients with the greatest care,
  • they give priority to local French suppliers and fair trade in countries in the South,
  • they strive to lighten their load on the planet (water, energy, CO2 emissions and waste),
  • they protect nature and bees through philanthropic actions.


I have read the article about their eco-friendly factory and I must say that I am impressed. They have a system to purify their production water, solar panels to produce electricity and heat their water and they collect rainwater. The factory has a wooden façade and green roofing which makes it blend into the surrounding environment. I would definitely love to see it in person one day.

And now let’s talk about my experience with Melvita products. I have to confess that I wasn’t aware of its existence up until 3 or 2 years ago. I have no idea when this brand was brought to my country and I have never heard of it from foreign bloggers back then. Even now, I rarely see it being mentioned by foreigners, but I do see it often in Slovenian blogs. I believe the reason for that are also lovely ladies from Slovenian retailer. They make great effort to work with us and present Melvita in its best light.

Let’s start with products I am already using.


Castor Oil*

The first product I tried from them was Castor Oil. I got this oil at the last year’s Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp and I was very excited to try it, because I heard a lot of great things about it. I used it for my nails, but since it was very hard to absorb, I started using it for my hair. I can’t talk about any effect, because I ran out of it before I could see any results.


Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Duo

The next product I tried is still very much loved by me. It is Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Duo and this is my second repurchase. I still use it on a daily basis, twice a day. And even now when I have changed my routine (I’ve added tretinoin and glyciolic acid), I still like it a lot and I still feel like I need it to hydrate my skin.

And now I think would be a great time for me to add the serum or cream from Pulpe De Rose line into my routine. I don’t have any serums yet, so maybe the serum is going to be my first choice.

melvita Pulpe De Rose Plumping Radiance Duo


New products For Testing

Now let’s look at what I got to test at this year’s Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp. L’Or Bio Extrodinary Oil* and L’Or Bio Extrodinary Hand Cream*. They both smell delicious, sweet and warm I’d say. The hand cream absorbs very quickly and it feels great on my hands. And as far as the oil is concerned I can’t comment on it yet, because I haven’t tried it yet. But I will soon, I feel like it will be great during December, because the scent gives me a Holiday feeling.

melvita L'Or Bio Extrodinary Hand Cream melvita L'Or Bio Extrodinary Oil melvita melvita L'Or Bio Extrodinary Oil melvita melvita melvita melvita


Are you familiar with Mevita? Have you tried any products from their lines and which ones are your favourites? Please let me know, because I need suggestions for trying something new from them.

And for those that ahven’t tried anything yet, you can check their web site and see all the products they have.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely start of the week!!! xoxo



  1. Larisa
    November 22, 2017 / 9:46 am

    Super objava. Poznam olje in mi je zelo všeč, tako vonj kot tekstura, občutek na koži in delovanje … Uporabljam na telesu in obrazu, za lase malo težje, zaradi embalaže… Vedno uporabim preveč olja in so lasje potem grozni. 😉

    • Lacquered Bits
      November 22, 2017 / 9:48 am

      Hvala Larisa <3
      Haha, s preveliko količino olja na laseh imam pa tudi jaz probleme 😀 Nikoli mi ne rata nanest malo oz. ravno prav 😀

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