The Body Shop – Finally In Slovenia

the body shop

Today I am sharing with you the news I think I couldn’t be more happy about. The Body Shop is finally in Slovenia. Firstly only as a web shop, but I do hope there will be an actual store soon in my country.

It was ten years ago when I first encountered this brand. Me and my hubby went on our first trip to London and when we went shopping I immediately saw this shop with amazing scents and gorgeous packaging. I fell in love there and then. I bought a few body butters and some shower gels, as much as I could put in my bag. And when we returned home I started searching for the nearest shop. I don’t think I found any on a driving distance, so I searched the web and was very disappointed, because back then no one would send this brand to my country. So I gave up. But then we went to London a couple of times again and bought some more of the body butters.

And now, when I saw the news, I immediately went in to my stash and pulled out a Strawberry Body Butter. I had it for more then six years and I have no idea what was I thinking, but I didn’t want to use it 😀 . It still smells great though, so I think I am going to use it now.

Here is the link: The Body Shop Slovenija. What will you buy? My wish list consists of many body butters, Rainforest Shampoo and Shade Adjusting Drops. Do you have any other suggestions for me? Please let me know.

the body shop the body shop the body shop the body shop


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