My Beauty Box September 2017 – Swatches & Nail Art With The Nail Products

my beauty box september 2017

Hi guys!! Today I am going to talk about My Beauty Box, the September 2017 edition. It contains two nail products, one Essie polish and one nail wraps from Tattify, one lip gloss from NYX, Rimmel eyeshadow, aloea vera mask from Apivita and a black peel-off mask, which I won’t be using.

And I will show you tha swatches of two nail products. So let’s begin.


Truth Or Flare* – Essie Spring 2014

essie truth or flare essie truth or flare

It’s a beautiful muted blue, a bit dusty looking. It was a part of Essie’s Spring 2014 collection and I didn’t have it in my stash yet, so that’s a big bonus.

The formula is thin, very watery, totally different from formula of new essies, which is thick and plastecised. I love the new formula, but this old one isn’t that bad either. It wasn’t hard to apply and I reached opacity with two thicker coats.

You have to be careful around cuticles, because the formula is watery and that makes it run in to cuticles very easily. I didn’t have any problems regarding this, but if your are not careful enough, you might have.

Oh, and I had to adjust the colour of this polish quite a lot. It was showing blue on my camera, so I had to add the yellow tint, because it is yellow tinted blue in person.

essie truth or flare


Tattify Nail Wraps*

These wraps disappointed me. My nails are on the rounder side, so there were a lot of wrinkles appearing, because the wraps didn’t fit so well. And there is a poor choice in the size of wraps. There are to many little wraps and my nails aren’t that narrow. So if you have slim nails and they are not round, then these wraps might work for you. But if you have nails like mine are, then these wraps aren’t for you.

And when I removed them, I had to pull them of (they aren’t soluble in acetone), but the glue stayed on my nails. So I had to scrape that of too. Not ok by me.

tattify nail wraps

Well you can see for yourself, too many wrinkles and I did apply a top coat over the wraps. But that didn’t help either.


I am very satisfied with the Essie polish I got and will definitely use the aloe vera mask, lip gloss and the eyeshadow. But I am not going to use the black peel-off mask and those wraps again.

You can check the boxes on their site, there is already a new one available.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post! have fun!! xoxo


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