MilvArt Nail Water Decals – J 174 – Swatches & Review

milvart nail water decals

Hi guys!! Today I have a review of MilvArt Nail Water Decals* for you.  The MilvArt team contacted me and asked if I wanted to try their products. And I was very interested, because I haven’t encountered proper water decals for nails before. So let’s see how I used them.


MilvArt Nail Water Decals – J 174*

milvart J 174

I chose two different patterns, but they decided to send me more, so I will be doing nail art with them in the future.

The one I tried has a teal/turquoise marble pattern with golden details.

First I applied one coat of white polish, as these decals are transparent. And if you don’t put on white base, your nails will be showing through the pattern. And you don’t wan’t that.

After the white base dried, I dipped the decal in to water for a few seconds. Let’s say for about ten seconds, even though it says on their site for only two seconds. But two seconds wasn’t enough for the decal to separate from the base. After the decal separated, I put it on the nail. It wasn’t sticky, so I had plenty of time to work with, but at the same time it moved a lot on the nail, so I had to fix it with other fingers. It was moving around too much, so if it was a little sticky, that would have been of much help.

I cut of the edges of the decal to make it fit better and I sealed it with fast drying top coat. I had almost no clean up after that, because I was very precise with cutting the decals beforehand.

And I have to mention here that I have very round nails, so there were some wrinkles appearing when I was wrapping nails with decals. But not as many as I was expecting. So I was happy to see that my nails weren’t covered with to many wrinkles.

milvart J 174


So this is my first time using water decals and I think from time to time they are a great change in your nail art routine. But I wouldn’t be using them on regular bases, there is just too much work and waiting involved. However, for only accent nail, that I can use more often. So you will be seeing more accent nails made with water decals from now on.

Have you used water decals yet? And what are your experience with them?

Thank you for reading and see you next time!!! xoxo


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