Hair Care During The Summer

summer hair care routine

Let’s talk about hair today, hair care to be more precise. Mine are naturally light brown, but some are turning grey, so I dye them every two months. I always try to find the perfect match to my natural color, but I just seem to miss it every time. I mainly color them at home, well my mum does that for me, but this time I went to a hairdresser and I must say that for the first time I am truly satisfied with the result.

My previous encounters with hairdressers coloring my hair ended up being a disaster. I always emphasise that I don’t want any red pigments in the color, because I have them naturally present in my hair. And they show up when I dye them. But hairstylists never listened to me and turned my head red. I don’t like my hair red, because I think the color doesn’t suit me. So I was coloring them at home for years and now I am finally gaining trust in one particular professional, who always listens to me, instead of just doing it his way. So yes, next time I’ll ask him to add some highlights.

And let me ask you something here. Do you find a great hairstylist is almost impossible to find too? Well, I hope I found mine 🙂 .

And since my hair tend to get dry, because of the dye, my hair care routine has to have some oils in it. But not too much, because the scalp tends to be the opposite, greasy. And I found a shampoo that keeps my scalp in check for a day or two longer than all other shampoos I have tried.


Rehab Shampoo – Lush

lush rehab shampoo

First I bought the small packaging and I was sooo impressed with the content, that when I used it up, I bought the bigger one. I’m almost half way done with it and I know I will buy another one.

Instead of washing my hair every third day, I can now wash them every fourth or even fifth day. And the best thing is it doesn’t make me break out on my back or face. Yes, I had shampoos from Kerastase and Paul Mitchell (that one was even without SLS & SLES) and they all made me break out. But not this one. I love washing my hair when I am in the shower and not separately befor showering or after. So this is a huge plus for the shampoo!


Unique One – Revlon Professional

revlon unique one

This is a hair treatment, a conditioner that you spray on your hair and leave in. You don’t wash it out. I use it mainly for easier detangling and brushing of my hair, but it is said to make your hair more shiny and to control the frizz. I can confirm that, my hair are more manageable and smoother. It protects hair from the heat and has UVA & UVB filters too. I will probably repurchase it once I use it up, because I really don’t like the conditioners that you have to wash out. They tend to break me out too.


Moroccanoil Treatment For All Hair Types

moroccanoil treatment

I’ve had a tester of this gem for more than a year and I never tried it. Silly me. But then I decided I will give it a go and I fell in love. I use it only on ends of my hair, otherwise my scalp would start soaking in oil and I don’t want that. I use the all hair types version and is soo light. The oil isn’t greasy and the hair doesn’t have that wet look after I apply it. And so far it’s been taking great care of my hair.

To incorporate these two in my hair care routine I use Unique One on the upper part of my hair (not on scalp) and the oil on ends.


Protective Sun Veil* – Phyto Plage

phyto plage protective sun veil

I got this product at the event I attended and so I decided to take it with me on my vacation and properly test it. The first time we went to the Croatian coast and I wasn’t impressed. My hair was all dried out. And it was funny, because there even wasn’t so much sun there. We had a lot of storms, so my hair wasn’t exposed to the sun much.

The second time we went to Greece and well, let’s just say it was hot, very hot. And it was sunny all the time. And I used it on the beach, several times a day, and this time my hair didn’t get any damage at all. So, I can’t say for sure whether it’s working or not. It did it’s job the second time, but I am not sure what happened the first time. But I think I had the most delicious smelling hair on that beach, because it smells great.


I noticed my hair care routine is lacking masks for my hair. I used to use coconut oil. But it’s to greasy for me and it didn’t do anything in terms of treating my hair. So if you have any suggestions for masks for dry hair and scalp that tends to get greasy, please let me know. I would be most grateful.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post! xoxo


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