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Hi guys!! I am so sorry for being away for sooooo long. I have been a bit ill lately. Nothing major, just my sinuses have been infected for a month now, so I am on an antibiotic right now. I am getting better, so hopefully the energy for writing and creating manicures will come back.

And now on to the theme I will be writing about today. The colognes. I have three colognes to show you and the forth is eau de toilette, but I want to focus on cologne waters today.

I have been told it can be used in several different ways. You can spray it all over your body right after taking a shower or you can spray it on your bed sheet to make it vibrant and freshen up. But my favourite is to spray it on my inner side of the wrists, neck and rub it in behind the ears. Oh and let’s not forget to spray it on the hair. I find that method to be the most lasting. I am not sure if it’s good for your hair, but it’s definitely the most lasting.


Botanical Cologne Of The Cloister* – Le Couvent Des Minimes

I got this cologne in a Slovenian store Nama. They gave it to me and I was very excited. You still remember my first post with fragrances, right? Well, I talked about Caudalíe Rose De Vigne fresh fragrance there and when I was buying it I was considering to buy either Caudalíe or LCDM. In the end Caudalíe won, but I was in the store for more than half an hour sniffing away. The staff there must have thought I was crazy. So I must say that I was very excited when I got to choose this one out of the products they offered me to test.

With its floral sent it is perfect for the summer. It’s fresh and warm and a bit mysterious to me. And it smells delicious. I don’t have it for a long time, but I can see myself wearing it during the fall. I am not sure about the winter, although it is on the sweet side, so it might work in the cold months too.

Cologne Of The Cloister Le Couvent Des Minimes


Botanical Cologne Of The Angelus* – Le Couvent Des Minimes

This fragrance was sent to me by the Slovenian supplier Stillmark. It is a new limited edition fragrance and is already available in stores.

It is a very sweet fragrance with vanilla scent and I feel like it is too strong for me right now. I have it for almost a month and it’s been too strong to use it on a daily basis. But in the winter, when the temperatures will be low, it will be great. It makes me feel warm when I wear it and the summer is hot enough already, so I am leaving it for the winter time. Its sweetness and warmth will be more then welcome then.

Cologne Of The Angelus Le Couvent Des Minimes


Red Apple & Chili* – 4711

I got this fragrance at a #Lepotno bloggers event last year and I didn’t try it until this summer. I am not sure if it was a limited edition or not, but I can’t find it on the official site anymore. It is another cologne in my possesion and I have to admit that I was surprised by it.

Of course I sniffed it at the event, but it didn’t make an impression on me then. And now I tried it out of curiosity and I liked it. Actually quite a lot. It has a sweet apple scent, but I can’t make out the chili, I just don’t smell it. So this cologne will be another pick to go with in the cold winter months.

Red Apple Chili 4711


For Her* – s.Oliver

Another fragrance I have at home for a long time. Since last October actually. But I have no idea as to why I haven’t tried it sooner. I heard the raves about it from other bloggers, but I just never bothered to open it. And this summer I did and I loved it. It’s my second favourite fragrance out of the bunch, just right after Cologne Of The Cloister from LCDM.

I love how fresh it feels. It is a floral fragrance, so I am beginning to notice the pattern here. Floral fragrances are obviously my thing 🙂

For Her sOliver


And what type of scents are your favourite?


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