SummerMBeauty 2017

summermbeauty 2017

Two weeks ago I attended SummerMBeauty 2017 event, held in Maribor, Slovenia. It was two hours ride by car, but I spent the most of it with Gabi (Parokeets blog). So the ride went fast and we were at the scene of the crime in no time. And have I mentioned we were first to arrive? 😀

The event was held at Vetrnjski dvor in the heart of Maribor. They also have a café there, so we sat down, relaxed and waited for other bloggers to arrive while drinking some coffee and lemonade. And when we all gathered there, the organisers (Ajda, Sindi and Nina) called us in.

summermbeauty 2017 summermbeauty 2017

We all got these cute polaroid photos taken from our IG accounts and then Calvin Klein perfumes were represented to us. One Summer 2017 smelled really nice *_*.

After that Paese Cosmetics goodie bags were given to us by their representative and he introduced us to the company.

And then we got to mingle for a bit and take photos and all that goes with beauty events.

summermbeauty 2017Photo taken by Gabi (Parokeets)

summermbeauty 2017

After all the mingling Biobaza was presented to us. They are a Croatian beauty company with natural cosmetics of pharmaceutical quality. Sadly I don’t have any photos of that so I will leave it to your imagination.

In between all of the presentations we got to mingle in the café downstairs and eat delicious ice cream and drink juices. At some point I had to go to a store and by me a deodorant. I forgot mine at home 😀 .

Then make up artist from Nee Make Up Milano did a make up with waterproof products and showed us some of their new products.

summermbeauty 2017

Then there was what we call beauty market, where we got to talk to brand representatives and see and smell and try their products. I stopped at almost every stand and got almost all the goodie bags, enough if you ask me. Oh, and there were some delicious canapés there too.

summermbeauty 2017Photo taken by Jan Zorec Gaberc

summermbeauty 2017summermbeauty 2017summermbeauty 2017

After the beauty market ended, the Karbonoir was presented to us. And after that a Youtuber and two IGers were discussing entrepreneurship and social media.

When that was finished, Maša (Low Maintenance Beauty blog), Gabi and me decided to go home since it was 9pm already and we had stuff to do early in the morning (I had to go to Guns’N’Roses concert in Imola <3). But there was an after party at Luft afterwards, so some have gone there too.

summermbeauty 2017Photo taken by Jan Zorec Gaberc

And let’s not forget all the sponsors who made this event possible: main sponsor – Biobaza, others – Elite MB Catering, Barcaffe Black&Easy, Sladolednica BUM, La Popsi ,Pullus (vino), Fructal, Everly, Rosies Store, Essence, Lush, Lič,, Malinca, Yanumi, Karbonoir, Ziaja, Avon, Soraya, Annemarie Börlind, Paese, Ikona, Perfect Body MB, Keune, Calvin Klein , Nee Make Up Milano, Galerija SpA (tattooji), Vetrinjski dvor, Luft.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post!! xoxo


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