Essie Summer 2017 – S’il Vous Play Collection – Swatches & Review

essie summer 2017 sil vous play

Finally I have the Essie Summer 2017 S’il Vous Play collection on my blog. It’s one of the collections I’ve been anticipating the most this summer. It has great creams, shimmers and sparkly polishes. And of great color choices too. All in all I am in love with this collection and now with no further adieu, I invite you to continue reading and see all the swatches I have for you. Now let’s start!


Sweet Soufflé – Essie Summer 2017

essie sweet souffle essie sweet souffle

This is an off-white base filled with orange/golden brown sheen. Sadly the sheen is not visible in the photos, but it does translate on to the nails in person. Amazing!

It’s not the easiest to apply, but it wasn’t giving me any trouble either. I did two coats to reach full opacity.

essie sweet souffle


Blue-La-La – Essie Summer 2017

essie blue la la essie blue la la

Beautiful creamy warm light blue.

It was very easy to apply. In fact it’s one of the easiest light blues I have. And you can make it opaque in one coat, how about that! *_*

essie blue la la


Baguette Me Not – Essie Summer 2017

essie baguette me not essie baguette me not

Another beauty. I am sorry, but I’m going to be boring, because I absolutely love all of them. This is a beautiful girly lilac pink with a touch of rose *_*.

The formula is somewhat similar to the one of Sweet Soufflé, although it didn’t give me much trouble. And it was opaque in two coats.

essie baguette me not


Fondant Of You – Essie Summer 2017

essie fondant of you essie fondant of you

Beautiful coral with golden sheen. The sheen isn’t as visible as I have hoped it would be, but it is ok.

The formula was surprisingly very easy. And it was opaque in two coats. The polish dried a bit matte with the first coat, but that matte finish was gone with the second coat.

essie fondant of you


Éclair My Love – Essie Summer 2017

essie eclair my love essie eclair my love

This is probably the least favourite from the collection, because I am almost positive it’s a dupe for last year’s Hiking Heels. I will have comparisons post on the blog soon, so I will compare them side by side and we will see then if they are dupes.

And this is only one coat on my nails, so you can see it’s an amazing one coater! With an amazing formula!

essie eclair my love


S’il Vous Play – Essie Summer 2017

essie sil vous play essie sil vous play

And my absolute LOVE! I loved it the minute I saw it for the first time on the web and I love it now that I have it in my hands. Light lilac pink with a metallic sparkly finish *_*!

The formula was very easy and the polish needed two coats to make it opaque. And you can see there are no streaks on the polish, it’s totally even and it dries in to this absolute beauty!

essie sil vous play


And what are your thoughts on the Essie Summer 2017 collection? Are you in love too?

You can also check the swatches of Essie Spring 2017 collection here in this link. xoxo


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