Starting Your Own Blog

starting your own blog

Starting your own blog can be pretty intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a lot of blogs on the web these days and don’t let that scare you off. There’s always room for a new one. So if you want to have your own space out there and share whatever you want to share with us, just do it. Don’t let anyone or anything make you think otherwise and prevent you from starting your own blog.

But first you need to figure out a few things and this post might bit a bit of help.


1. You Need A Topic To Write About

Well, this is sort of a given, but I bet you already know what you want to talk about. I mean, otherwise you wouldn’t be thinking about starting your own blog.

If you have a specific theme (beauty, architecture, recipes, tech stuff,…) to share or if you want to write about random stuff, go ahead. Whatever feels comfortable for you will be ok for your readers. As long as you stay true to yourself, they will respond to that and will start following you.

starting your own blog


2. Choose A Platform

There are several free platforms that you can use to write your blog: Blogger,, Tumblr,… And unless you get your own domain straight away, your URL will look like this: or I suggest you start without your domain and when you feel like you want to have your own, then buy one at domain registrar (I transferred my domain to a local registrar, so I suggest you buy it at your local registrar).

There is also Spacesquare. You have to pay for the subscription, but you get hosting and the domain included.

And there is that is free, but you need to have a space on the server to upload it there, so you have to buy that space with one of the web hosting providers. This is the platform I use.


3. Computer

Well yes, you can write your blog from your phone too, but believe me, the computer is the best way to go. Especially if you have to edit your photos. And these days everyone has a computer, I believe the computer has become a must have, just like a car. So no special reminder from me there.

starting your own blog starting your own blog


4. Other Technical Equipment

A camera, a phone, they are not necessary if you’re going to have a blog with no photos. But if you’re planning on having photos in your posts, than at least one of the two is a necessity. I’d say a camera is a better option, because you can do so much with it, but if you don’t have one and have a phone, than that’s enough too. However if you want to have a good quality photos you should consider getting DSLR or at least Point and Shoot Digital Camera. But that’s all up to you and your budget.

For example: I shot first three photos with my camera and the last one was shot with my iPhone. So you see, if you have good lighting, then  there isn’t much difference. I still see it and I know how much easier it is to take a good quality photo with camera, so I always shoot my photos with it.


5. Above All Be Patient

No blog has started with a huge amount of followers, well at least those who started from scratch. I had no page views when I first started. I had to wait for a couple of months to see the first page view, and boy was I happy 🙂 . So don’t expect to have thousands of readers over night. It takes time for people to notice you, to see what you’re all about and to see if you’re interesting to follow, so be patient and grow your audience over time.

And of course you should spread the word about your blog on social media. But don’t over do it, because it might cause the opposite and you won’t get any readers that way at all.


So don’t let anyone to discourage you from starting your own blog. Follow your heart, be patient, write great articles and you will se the results.

And here you can read about How I write my posts. It might help you see how to approach that aspect of blogging.


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