Serum No 5 – Lucky Colors Collection – Swatches & Review – Part One

serum no 5 lucky colors

Today I have another collection swatched on my blog. And again it will be divided in two posts, because there are 12 shades in it. This time I have Serum No 5  Lucky Colors collection, which is inspired by the Chinese zodiac, so each color is named after the animal sign. These signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. And I will be presenting the shades in that order.

This is Victoria’s first all holo collection and it was released in January 2017. It is also my first encounter with the brand, although I had the knowledge about it. And I must say all the formulas were great in consistency, so none of the polishes disappointed.

Now let’s get started.


Rat* – Serum No 5 Lucky Colors

serum no 5 rat serum no 5 rat

Rat is a dusty/muted natural looking green linear holographic. And you know what was the best thing here, that it didn’t leave any staining after I removed it.

I needed to apply two coats for full opacity and the application was easy.

serum no 5 rat


Ox* – Serum No 5 Lucky Colors

This is one of my favourites here. I don’t know why, but I feel like this one was made especially for my skin tone. It’s a blue with warm undertones and it’s what makes it perfect for me.

It needed two easy coats for full opacity.


Tiger* – Serum No 5 Lucky Colors

This polish is a bit of a mistery to me. I am not really sure what I feel about it, whether I like it or not.

But the application was easy and it was opaque in two coats.


Rabbit* – Serum No 5 Lucky Colors

This is probably my favourite. Such a pretty pink *_*. A bit muted, not too bright all the way. And it looks so elegant on my nails.

This one is almost opaque in one coat, but I did two. And the application was easy.


Dragon* – Serum No 5 Lucky Colors

I can’t believe how much I like this silver holo. Usually I am not the biggest fan of silver holos, because they tend to be so sheer. But not this one. It’s very opaque and it’s a metallic, almost chrome silver. Very pretty.

It needed two easy coats for full opacity and I bet it would perform great in stamping.


Snake* – Serum No 5 Lucky Colors

The last in this post is a dark grey with a hint of green.

It was opaque in two easy coats.


So here are the first six animals from the Serum No 5 Lucky Colors of Chinese zodiac. They are all available at Serum No 5 or at one of their stockists.

And in this post you can see the rest of the shades: Lucky Colors Part Two.


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