Cirque Colors – Kawaii Collection Comparisons

cirque colors kawaii comparisons

Hi guys!! So I decided to make comparisons of Cirque Colors Kawaii collection. I wasn’t sure if there were any, so I dig up my holographic stash and compared them. And I must say that there really weren’t any dupes. So great to see that!

Now let’s see them.


Lolly Lips* – Cirque Colors Kawaii comparisons

cirque colors lolly lips dupe

The shades around Lolly Lips have totally different finish. They all are holographic, but the colours aren’t matching either. So no dupes here.


Killer Kitsch* – Cirque Colors Kawaii comparisons

cirque colors killer kitsch dupe

The Il Etait Un Vernis polish is quite similar, but because of Killer Kitsch’s pink sheen they aren’t dupes.


QT Kitty* – Cirque Colors Kawaii comparisons

cirque colors qt kitty dupe

I thought Karma was going to be a dupe, but look how wrong was I. So no dupes here either.


Shiny* – Cirque Colors Kawaii comparisons

cirque colors shiny dupe

No dupes here either. These two were the closest in my stash, but they don’t have the holographic effect.


24K Affair* – Cirque Colors Kawaii comparisons

cirque colors 24k affair dupe

And no dupes here either.


The rest five, I didn’t have anything remotely similar to them, so I didn’t compare them to any other polish.

cirque colors


So to conclude, this collection is quite unique in my stash. Have you found any dupes? Please share them with me in the comments.

And to see the colours swatched you can check these two posts here:

Thank you for reading and see you today in another comparisons post. Be good!! xoxo


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