How I Migrated From Blogger To WordPress

blogger to wordpress transition

I was thinking about migrating from Blogger to, self hosted platform, for almost a year. I didn’t know whether I was able to do it on my own or if everything was going to go smoothly or where to get web hosting services or how much money would it cost me…. Well there were quite a few concerns on my part, I can tell you that. And I wanted to slowly approach them and see if everything was going to be as bad as it sounded in my head.


Getting Ready For The Transition

So first thing was me bothering co-bloggers that already migrated and asking them million questions. And after I was finished with them, I told my husband of my intentions. And he proposed to me an idea that was brilliant. He said that we should first install WordPress locally, so that I could get acquainted with it and I would learn to use it. And so he did just that. He installed it to our local server and I started using it.

blogger to wordpress transition blogger to wordpress transitionFirst I imported my blog from Blogger and then I started playing with posts. And all the plugins. Let me tell you, Google was my best friend at the time. What plugins are, how and for what to use them. And what themes are already available in the platform itself and where to buy/download them for free. How and where to edit appearance of the blog and all I would need when I started using the new platform.

Oh, and here is something I need to mention. With my Blogger blog I did a lot of HTML and CSS editing and in the end I screwed it up so badly that my page views in Google Analytics dropped and were dropping constantly, so it was about time I did something about it. So WordPress seemed like a great solution.

blogger to wordpress transition blogger to wordpress transition


Choosing Hosting Service Provider

And in August 2016 I finally decided to do it. After a thorough research I went with a local web hosting service provider (Neoserv) and the guys there turned out to be great. When I started with the whole migrating process I had this site open which helped me a lot, the text and the video. Very helpful. When I installed WordPress to server I first had to export blog from blogger. And then import that blog to WordPress. It’s all in the link above so you can’t do anything wrong. And if you encounter a problem, contact your hosting provider and they should help you. At least mine did.


Migrating Your Domain

At the same time I also decided to transfer my domain from GoDaddy to the same provider and that turned out to be a bigger issue than migrating the blog. The site was down a few times because of that, but other than that, I had no issues. I had some questions regarding the migration and the guys at Neoserv were answering all the time (I migrated during a Holiday and they were helping me during that time, so big thumbs up for that).


After Migration

And once I migrated, let me tell you how grateful I was for being accustomed to WordPress. I immediately started editing old posts, so that they wouldn’t look funny. And I started fixing links, because WordPress changed them a bit. Facebook proved to be very helpful in that department, because I shared all the posts there. But that was very time consuming.

And then I slowly started enjoying the new platform. I wrote my first post here and added some plugins (for security, for SEO, google analytics, performance and so on). And here I am now, almost six months later, happy I did it and not to mention my page views went back to normal :).

I sound as if it was a breeze. Well, it feels like it was, but if you ask my husband I had a few nervous break downs in the mean time :D. But I deny them 😀

I am sure I forgot to write some things. So if I think of anything else, I’ll just add it here. And if you are thinking about migrating your blog from Blogger To WordPress and if you have any questions, just ask me. I’ll be glad to help if I know the answer.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post. xoxo


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