How I Bought My New Laptop

my new laptop

Hi guys!! How are you doing? Well, today I want to share with you my experience with buying my new laptop. I bought it for blogging purposes, so I was very strict about the screen, the resolution and all that stuff, well and it had too look great too :D.

My husband has a MacBook Pro 15″ and I must say that I am in love with the Retina screen. It’s sharp and easy on the eyes. But I wasn’t sure about the whole MacOS. I have iPhone and I don’t like iOS, because you can’t access your photos as you do on Android. You can’t just copy them from one folder to another, you have to move them through iCloud or some other application. Which I really don’t like, because I don’t want my photos being transferred through the internet. So I was afraid that it might be the same with MacBook. And I had some other concerns, that’s why I decided to go with Windows supporting brand.

After careful consideration and a lot of research, I ended up with Asus ZenBook UX330UA. Oh and I wanted a 13″ screen, because the laptops of that size are considerably lighter than the ones with a 15″ screen. This Asus has amazing resolution, IPS system, latest generation processor, the graphic card is amazing and it’s very light, only 1,2 kg (2,64 lb). And not to mention the look. It’s beautiful, gorgeous I say! But unfortunately it’s not available in Slovenia, so I decided to order it from Germany (German Amazon).

And it came and I can’t tell you how exited I was. So I watched a couple of shows and surfed the web, but when I started editing photos, I noticed that the screen was yellow on the right side. And it was really annoying me, because I thought there was something wrong with my photos. But then I realised it was the screen, because I started noticing the yellow tint was present all the time.

I am not really sure whether there was a yellow tint or the back lighting of the screen was bad on that side. I tried to photograph it, but it wasn’t showing in photos as it was present in person.

my new laptop

And that is where I decided to return it and ask for a replacement. I sent it back (I had to pay the return postage myself, which is by the way quite expensive) and got a new one. And there was this yellow tint on the screen again. So I guess this model is defective merchandise, so I would recommend to stay away from it. And I was soooooo sad, because otherwise it was perfect.

Then I went on a small search again. Oh, have I mentioned I was going crazy from all the research? Yeah, I was so caught up in this that I was hardly up for writing posts for the blog. I was exhausted, my mind was overwhelmed with al the data that had to be considered.

But in the end I ended up with HP Spectre x360 – 13-4151nn (Y6H10EA), but I couldn’t find it anywhere on the web. To be honest I didn’t want to order it from abroad again and I couldn’t find it there anyway, so I decided to contact HP Slovenia. But for the love of me I couldn’t find a phone number on their site. And to me this looked like they didn’t want to be contacted, so I didn’t go with HP after all.

And guess which computer’s keyboard am I using to write this post? It’s the one that I tried to avoid at first, but to me it ended up being the perfect one. MacBook Pro 13″ the new version, but without the touch bar. And I am loving it and I regret not buying it straight away. Well, maybe it’s a good thing I had to go through all the trouble, so that now I can truly appreciate it. And I realised that you can buy Apple products anywhere in the world and they are all the same. Because with other brands it’s like crazy getting it right with all the extra codes and models. And they are not all available in every country, so that is really a shame and confusing.

my new laptop my new laptop

And to tell you something else. I was never a fan of Apple, I always thought of people with Apple products as posers. But now I get it. With Apple you get all that, what other brands are so horribly failing to deliver. Consistency, availability and most of all the simplicity. There are only two models of 13″ version, one with the touch bar and one without and that’s it. Then you can only upgrade the SSD disk and the RAM, but the rest is the same with all. I love that about this brand, because in the end I was getting headaches because of all the models I could choose from, but none of them was really what I needed (except the two I already mentioned). So apparently, I am one of those posers that I despised all those years 😀 With an iPhone nonetheless :D.

And what PC/laptop are you using for blogging? And what features in a computer are important to you as a blogger or as a regular user?

Thank you for reading and I hope this post was helpful, so that you won’t have to go through all the trouble I did, no matter which brand and model you decide to get.

Have a lovely day and enjoy yourself! xoxo



  1. February 24, 2017 / 5:59 pm

    I’m so sorry you had to go through all of that! But look at that, in the end you found one that fits your needs perfectly. I currently am using an HP for blogging, but it has been giving me trouble lately and Windows has been driving me NUTS. Just like you I’m not a fan of iOS because my phone is an Android. But I’m seriously considering my next laptop (which hopefully can be soon) to be a MAC. Great post!

    • Lacquered Bits
      February 24, 2017 / 6:29 pm

      Thank you Sasha and I hope my post was at least a bit of help to you. And once you decide to get a new laptop, please let me know which one will it be. I hope you’ll be as satisfied as I am 🙂

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