Perfect Gift For Nail Polish Addict

perfect gift for npa

If you have a nail polish addict in your vicinity, then you came to the right place. So just continue reading.

Over the years I have developed a special taste for nail polish. Not every nail polish is great for me. I know this might sound snobby, but I know a quality nail polish and I don’t like having poor quality varnish in my stash. So the addicts that you’re surrounded with might have the same feelings towards poor nail polish. And I don’t mean that the polish has to be expensive to satisfy us, but you just have to make some research before you buy a bottle of polish. I know I am very happy with some very cheep polishes too, but sadly not all of them are that great.

And one other thing you need to know when buying nail polish, is a brush. There are different types of brushes and not all of them are suitable for everyone. So make sure you know what you’re buying for whom. That’s all I’m saying 🙂 .

Here I have a few suggestions and they are not all nail polishes 😉 .


Indie Brand Nail Polish

You just can’t get it wrong with a bottle of indie. I don’t know exactly why, but indies have always felt special to me. They are a little harder to get (you can’t buy them in drug stores, so you have to purchase them over the web: Places I Buy Nail Polish) and they have all sorts of finishes. So you really can’t get it wrong here. And you’ll see a happy smile on the face of your loved one, I can guarantee that.

perfect gift for npa


High End Nail Polish

Everything high end has a certain vibe to it and so does nail polish. If not for the Holidays, then maybe for birthday, it is a special treat to have high end stuff in your collection. And I know they are expensive, I only have a few of them, but a special occasion calls for special treats 😉 .

perfect gift for npa


Hand Creams & Lotions

Yes, as an addict I am not only happy with nail polish, but with products that keep my hands and nails in good shape too. So you can’t miss with a good hand lotion here. And maybe as a bonus, you can get a good hand scrub. I have one and it’s amazing what it does to my hands. It exfoliates the skin, removes all the dead skin and moisturises and nourishes them (you can also check here for more details: 5 Essentials To Get Your Hands Through The Winter)

perfect gift for npa


Cuticle Moisturisers

This is also a very important part of NPAs nail care routine. I have a few that I am very satisfied with. The ones in the photo are Jessica Phenomen Oil and Melvita Castor Oil. I’ve been using it for a few days now, but first impressions are great. It’s very viscous, so I only use it when I’m at home and I know I wont be doing anything for half an hour or in the evening, when I go to bed.

So if your nail polish lover doesn’t have a good cuticle and nail oil yet, you should definitely put this into the gift.

perfect gift for npa


There are also base and top coats, but I wouldn’t buy that to NPAs unless I knew exactly which ones they like/use. Once we fall in love with a certain brand or product, it’s really hard for us to change it. Unless it’s not working for us in the first place, but that means we are not in love 😀 .

I hope this post will help you find a perfect gift for nail polish addict. See you next time! xoxo



  1. December 8, 2016 / 10:05 pm

    This is a great post! I can totally relate to what you’re saying 🙂 I’m actually giving my mom some polish for Christmas and I’m pretty sure she’ll be very happy with them (she will get polishes from piCture pOlish, A-England, Cirque and Cupcake Polish).

    • Lacquered Bits
      December 8, 2016 / 10:08 pm

      Uuu, great choices. I’m positive she will love them 👌🏻

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