Hands Up For HIV/AIDS Prevention

Hands Up For HIV/AIDS Prevention

Today is World AIDS Day. So I’m doing a mani to honour it and to remind you how important it is to use protection and to take care of yourself. I read an article that the amount of infected people is raising quickly and that people are less and less careful. Which is strange and worrisome to me. Because I know I was well aware and informed about it in my youth. I mean I still am, but I am not so sure about teenagers these days.

The ultimate reminder about HIV and AIDS always was to me Freddy Mercury. I love his voice and the music he and the Queen made and I feel the world has lost so much when he passed away. So I feel I don’t have to stress about of how careful you have to be and that you should always wear protection. Because prevention is the key and you can never know where you might get it, just like he didn’t.

Another celebrity that I think of when I hear the word HIV is Magic Johnson. He is a sports person and I admire his courage to come clean and tell everyone he had it. And after all this years he still manages to fight it. So if you look at his case, I think there is a lot of hope to find the cure or at least keep the virus in hybernation (I’m not sure if that is the right word, but you know what I mean).

And the third thing that pops in to my mind when someone mentions HIV is the movie Philadelphia and the heart breaking song Streets of Philadelphia. Every time I hear it I see Tom Hanks’ character, so yes, if you hadn’t watched it yet, you definitely should. It shows how cruel and demeaning it can be, right to its core.

And now to start with my mani.

Hands Up For HIV/AIDS Prevention Hands Up For HIV/AIDS Prevention

This time I didn’t make the red ribbon, I just went with simple accent nails. I used a white base on my ring and middle finger, which was KBShimmer – Eyes White Open. The red polish I painted on my thumb, pinky and pointer was Cirque Colors – Madder. And I also used it to make the little dots. And in the dots I also used Cirque Colors – Reflektor, to add a bit of silver sparkle. You can check swatches of both Cirque shades in this post: Cirque Colors – Holiday 2015 Collection.

To seal the manicure I added fast drying top coat.

Hands Up For HIV/AIDS Prevention

Now put your hands up for HIV/AIDS prevention, spread the word about it and take good care of yourself!

Thank you for reading! xoxo


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