My Winter Nail Polish Picks

winter 2016 nail polish

Hi guys!! This time I decided to show you what shades feel right for me in the winter time. There are pastels and some dark holos, because the winter can be dark, sparkly and in pale colours too. I didn’t include any reds, because I will include them in my Holiday picks and because the pastels and the darks feel better to me.

So let’s start with the lighter shades.


Go Go Geisha – Essie Fall 2016

essie go go geisha essie go go geisha

This polish was a part of Essie Fall 2016 – Kimono-Over Collection and you can check the swatches in the link. I find it perfect for winter, because it gives me a warm feeling whenever I wear it. Like wearing a pink knitted sweater. It can’t get any more comfortable than that.


Central Park After Dark – Cirque Colors Fall 2016

cirque colors central park after dark cirque colors central park after dark

This shade is exactly what the name suggests. Dark winter evenings or nights that are kind of mystic. You know with the fog when everything is blurred and colours are different. Not as green as this shade but more on the grey side. I swatched it in this post: Cirque Colors Fall 2016 – Metropolis Collection.


Udon Know Me – Essie Fall 2016

essie udon know me essie udon know me

You probably noticed that I picked a lot of fall shades (this one is from the same collection as Go Go Geisha). Yes, these for me are more suitable for the winter time, than fall, that’s why I have them on this list.

I don’t know why, since snow is totally white, but this shade always reminds me of snow. Of that particular time in winter when there is snow all over the place. Or maybe it’s more like ice, I don’t know. But I do know for me it will be perfect in January and February.


First Class Desires – O.P.I Holiday 2014

opi first class desires opi first class desires

This shade is timeless. You can see it reviewed and swatched here. It was a part of Gwen Stefani’s Holiday 2014 collection and you don’t get tired of it, because it’s so unique, at least in my collection. The shimmer in this one is stunning and that is the main reason I included it in here. Whenever I see it in my storage, I always fell in love with it. It’s so beautiful ♥.


In Robe And Crown – A England Tennyson’s Romance

a england in robe and crown a england in robe and crown

This shade is newer. It’s from the latest A England collection called Tennyson’s Romance and I haven’t had the time to swatch it yet, therefore I will refer you to Edina’s blog, where you can check her stunning swatches. This one is supposed to be a dupe for Il Etait Un Vernis Cabernet Sauvignon, which I always wanted to have, but never had the chance to buy it. And now I have its dupe.

I included it in here, because it’s simply gorgeous, perfect dark holographic plum for the cold winter days and nights.


Smoky Quartz – Cirque Colors Facets 2016

cirque colors smoky quartz cirque colors smoky quartz

Another dark sparkly beauty, but these photos don’t do it justice. It’s got a rainbow of sparkle in it and you can check it in this post: Cirque Colors Facets Collection. It reminds me of the city nights, when it’s dark outside, yet colourful because of all the lights and Christmas decorations. So beautiful ♥.


And what will your winter nail polish picks be? I really am interested in hearing what shades you tend to wear. So let me know down in the comments.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post. xoxo


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