My Current Favourite Perfumes

dior miss loccitane arlesienne

I’ve been wanting to tell you about my current favourite perfumes for a long time, but since this is supposed to be a nail polish blog only, I didn’t know whether I should include this or not. And lately I’ve been playing with an idea of including other areas too, you know, all sorts of stuff that I like, from beauty products to some recipes and random stuff from my life. I still feel like not including my personal life on my blog, so that will remain separated. Oh, and don’t worry, this will only be ‘from time to time post’ thing.

And now let’s get started with the two fragrances that I fell in love with this fall.


Arlésienne Eau de Toilette* – L’Occitane

loccitane arlesienne eau de toilette loccitane arlesienne eau de toilette

I had a pleasure to be among the first ones in my country to breathe in the scent of this incredible fragrance made by L’Occitane. They showed it to as at the Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016 and I fell in love with it immediately.

I am not very good at describing the top notes or base notes of perfumes, but I know when I love one. This smells like a bouquet of flowers and someone added something sweet to them. It also has some freshness of citruses in it, which gives it an absolutely amazing touch. It’s what makes it an incredibly wearable fragrance and I don’t think the scent is too strong. So it’s not annoying to anyone near you. I wear it a lot, even in the evening after I take a shower I spray it on my neck. It’s so delicious.

I also have a hand cream from this collection and I think I will get some other products too, because they smell so great.

loccitane arlesienne eau de toilette loccitane arlesienne eau de toilette


Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming Eau de Parfum* – Dior

dior miss dior absolutely blooming dior miss dior absolutely blooming

This fragrance is a bit heavier than the one from L’Occitane. It is Eau de Parfum, so it also lasts longer. It’s made out of flowers, but it has a bit more sweetness in it and no citruses. So there is no freshness. I’d say it’s more sophisticated and elegant, perfect for extravagant night out. And I think I’ll be only wearing it in the cold days. It might be to heavy for the summer.

I’ve noticed that it reveals its true self after an hour of wear. It’s too strong in the beginning, but once it fully develops, it becomes amazing.

dior miss dior absolutely blooming dior miss dior absolutely blooming

You can see that both bottles have beautiful details and are made with precision, carefulness and a lot of accuracy. It’s what makes them even more special to me.


And to tell you the truth ever since I gave birth to my first daughter I haven’t used any perfumes on me. Before that, I was wearing them constantly. But I heard and read so much about babies being sensitive to fragrances that I completely stopped using them. But I am slowly starting to turn. My all time favourite fragrance is still Cacharel Noa, but I broke the spray part, so I can’t take any photos of it. And once I’ll use it up, I’ll buy a new one and you’ll get to read the praises 🙂

*I got Miss Dior from Dior representative and I got Arlésienne as a reward in L’Occitane’s Arlésienne challenge. If I hadn’t got it, I would have bought the Arlésienne Eau de Toilette anyway. But I don’t know about Miss Dior. If I hadn’ got that one, I’m not sure I would have ever smelled it, so I am glad I got it, because I love it too.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely evening! xoxo


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