Avon True Colour – Perfect Reds – Swatches & Review

avon true colour perfect reds

Hi guys!! I have some more swatches for you today. This time they are all red and you are bound to find one that will suit your skin tone or your taste. These are all from Avon True Colour Perfect Reds line and you can find them on their site in their current campaign. I don’t think I have to tell you that the reds are always in fashion, but December is approaching, so they might be even more suitable now when Christmas is coming. I got six of them to show you, but there is a seventh shade, a more deeper red and you can see it if you check their site.

No let’s start with the swatches.


Red Bombshell – Avon Perfect Reds

avon red bombshell avon red bombshell

Red Bombshell* to me is a perfect summer red. It has a scarlet touch to it and it’s what makes it juicy and perfect for the hot summer nights, or days really. You can make it fully opaque in one lumpy coat, but I suggest you rather do two thin. This way you’ll make it look deeper.

So I did two very easy coats here and it has a very glossy finish.

avon red bombshell


Royal Red – Avon Perfect Reds

avon royal red avon royal red

Royal Red* is a bit darker red than the first one and I believe it has neutral undertones, because I can’t figure out whether it’s cool or warm undertoned. So it must be neutral. And I feel this one can suit anybody.

The formula is a bit thick, so it wasn’t the easiest to apply. It needed two coats for full opacity and the finish wasn’t as glossy as with the first one.

avon royal red


Tangfastic – Avon Perfect Reds

avon tangfastic avon tangfastic

Tangfastic* is an orange red, another shade that would look great in the summer, because it’s almost neon.

I reached full opacity in one easy coat, but I did two for the photos. And it’s so saturated with pigments, it’s really beautiful *_*.

avon tangfastic


Real Red – Avon Perfect Reds

avon real red avon real red

Real Red* is very very close to Royal Red. It’s a bit lighter and it has more warm undertones. And I feel like out of this bunch this is the most Christmasy creme red.

I wrote in my notes only that it was very easy to apply and that I did two coats for full opacity.

avon real red


Ruby Slippers – Avon Perfect Reds

avon ruby slippers avon ruby slippers

I feel like Christmas is coming when looking at Ruby Slippers*. I love how glowing and twinkling this is *_*. And the best part is that shimmer remains visible on the nails too, it doesn’t disappear.

I had no problems applying this shade and I reached full opacity with two coats.

avon ruby slippers


Cherry Jubilee – Avon Perfect Reds

avon cherry jubilee avon cherry jubilee

Cherry Jubilee* is the darkest of the bunch I got. It was easy to apply and I did two coats to reach full opacity.

avon cherry jubilee


I am sure you will find at least one red nail polish here that you can wear, either now or during next summer. And I wonder what kind of polish do you wear for Christmas? A red or some random colour that happens to be in the vicinity at the time 🙂 ? I usually wear nail art and I think it will be the same this year.

Thank you for reading my dear followers and see you in the next post. xoxo



  1. November 25, 2016 / 7:29 pm

    Čudoviti swatchi! Tvoje makro fotografije so vedno odlične :). Sem kar dodala tvoj link v mojo objavo, ker so res čudovite fotografije. Poppy love je perfekten za poletje. Royal Red sem pa ravno pred kratkim nosila. Res dokaj lep nabor rdečih za vsakogar. Jaz po navadi za božič nosim neko rdečo manikuro. Včasih s kakšno kombinacijo zlate ali pa kakšnim drugim dizajnom.

    • Lacquered Bits
      November 25, 2016 / 8:33 pm

      Hvala Petra ♥ Ja, res je dober nabor za vsakogar, od malo temnejših, do svetlih oz. že kar malo oranžnih. Jaz za božič poskušam nositi motive božiča, ali smrekico, ali kake okraske, barve mi niti niso toliko pomembne 🙂

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