L’Occitane & Arlésienne – Be Unique, Be Free, Be You

loccitane arlessien nail art

Hi guys!! Today the post will be a bit different. There will be nail art and there will be nail polish, but there is also a story behind all this.

Arlésienne, the woman of the city of Arles, can be exactly what she wants to be. Daring and gracious, elusive and attractive. The ribbon she embeds in her hair is as unique as her and speaks a story of a daring woman of a free spirit.

We were given this ribbon by L’Occitane Slovenija and told to be unique with what we make of it. Because there are no rules or limits.

I decided to use it a bit differently and not to wrap my hair with it. Instead I wrapped my hand with this bold ribbon and I made a manicure to mach the colours and to stay true to myself. The manicure is bold yet elegant and sophisticated, just like Arlésienne. And here is the result.

loccitane arlessien nail art loccitane arlessien nail art

First I used Ciaté London – Raspberry Collins as the base for my manicure. You can find it swatched in Ciaté London Mini Mani Month Calendar 2015 post. Then I draw the french manicure thin line with Essie – Apres-Chic (which you can find swatched in Essie Winter 2015 – Virgin Snow Collection post). And then I waited a bit so that all the varnish was dry.

After it was dry, I stamped the LIVE FREE sign on my thumb. Because if you truly live free in every aspect (especially in your mind), you can be who you are and that is what makes you unique. As you can see there is no french tip here, because I wanted it to be different. I did the stamping with Essie – No Place Like Chrome, Bundle Monster BM-S309 plate and MoYou London Clear Kaleidoscopic stamper. And in the end I sealed everything with fast drying top coat.

loccitane arlessien nail art loccitane arlessien nail art

As can be seen I wanted to portray everything Arlésienne was. Mysterious, elegant, bold, independent and graceful all at the same time. And so is her fragrance which consists of rose from Grasse, sweet violet and saffron from Provence. They all come together in a floral fusion that reveals unexpected nuances. I love the smell of Eau de Toilette Arlésienne and I would love to have it and feel the experience of the women of Arles.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed creating it. And I must say I was happy to accept a bit different chalenge. Thank you L’Occitane Slovenija and thank you my dear readers for reading and see you in the next post! xoxo


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