Herbio Herbal Hand Cream & Foot Deo Gel – Review

herbio hand foot cream

Hi guys!! Today I have a review of two products from Herbio for you. Herbio is a Slovenian brand with herbal products. I got the Foot Deo Gel* at the SummerMBeauty event and they sent me the Herbal Hand Cream* to test it and make an honest review. I’ve been testing them for quite some time now, so I have proper results for you.

First I want to talk about the pump that both of these have. I think it’s a great feature, because you can easily get the right amount of product out of the packaging. In my opinion every hand lotion should have a pump, it’s so much easier to use it that way.

herbio hand foot cream

And now let’s check what I think of the products inside the packaging.


Herbal Hand Cream

herbio herbal hand cream herbio herbal hand cream

You can see it’s a plain white cream. It’s got a sweet herbal scent and I like it. It’s moisturising and it nourishes my hands pretty good. Even now when the cold weather is kicking in. The absorption is good, but it does leave some sort of film on your hands. I don’t mind that, actually sometimes I even like it, especially when my hands are very dry. I usually use it in the evening, because I keep it on my nightstand, but sometimes I use it during the day too.

So, good absorption, great scent and it moisturises my hands great, I think it’s a winning combination. Only the film it leaves behind, that might be a problem to some people.


Foot Deo Gel Tea Tree

herbio foot deo gel tea tree herbio foot deo gel tea tree

This Deo Gel blew me away. I know, it’s just a foot cream, but it absorbs completely and it leaves your feet moisturised, dry to the touch and they smell good. My feet always start to sweat after I put on cream, but not after this one. It’s really amazing how well it absorbs in to your skin. Usually I put on foot creams just before I go to bed, because they don’t absorb so well, but I can wear this one during the day too. Big thumbs up for that. And its scent is a mixture of tea tree, silver fir and menthol and it gives your feet a fresh feeling.


All in all I love both products  and I am sooo happy to see more and more Slovenian brands on our market. You can read more about their products on their web site Herbio.si, but they aren’t delivering international, so this is only for Slovenian readers.

Thank you for reading and see you next time! xoxo


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