Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016

Hi guys!! Those of you who have followed my stories on Instagram know that I have attended Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016. It all happened on Friday the 7th of October in Ljubljana in Hotel Lev.

The mastermind behind the Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016 was Nika Veger, who is also a Slovenian beauty blogger (Beautifullblog), make up artist, editor of magazines,… She decided to help Slovenian blogger community with organising this huge event, where we could learn more about photography, WordPress, social media, SEO… We were also able to meet with some brands, distributors and most importantly we were able to connect with other bloggers. This is the second such event. I was a part of the first one to and you can read all about it in this post: First Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp.

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016

The common thread of the event was Unicorn, that’s why the Unicorn installation. It is a symbol of uniqueness and that’s what the event was all about. You have to be unique to be noticed, but above all you have to be you to be a good blogger.

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016

And look at the planner we got *_*. It’s beautiful and it’s perfect to plan your blog posts. Exactly what I was looking for! And I am using it already to plan my posts.

Between the lectures we had some time to mingle and meet the brands.

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016 Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016 Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016 Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016

Towards the end of the event was a lecture about makeup, including the current trends.

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016

And the last thing were beauty awards. The bloggers voted in more than 10 cathegories, so that many awards were received.

Then we had some cocktails and again some time to mingle and meet the rest of the brands.

Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016

I got this beautiful rose at the end when I went home. ♥

To sum things up. I learnt a lot in Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016, I met some incredible people and I went home fully impressed by everybody and everything. But you know what was the best thing at the end of the day? My daughters hands wrapped around my neck ♥.

Thanks to all the sponsors: Dvorec Trebnik, Alessandro Slovenija, Afrodita Cosmetics, Avon, Box of Love, CD, Curaprox, Decleor, Depend Slovenija, DM, Honor, KSFH, Labello, La Brie, Le Couvent Des Minimes,, L’Occitane Slovenija, L’Oreal, Medex, Melvita, Nivea, Philips Lumea, s.Oliver, Smile Concept Store, Vichy Slovenija, Viva Derm d.o.o., AdriaMedia.

And thank you guys for reading and in one of the upcoming posts I will show you swatches of the nail polishes I got.

Until then stay positive and be good! xoxo



  1. October 18, 2016 / 2:05 pm

    Hvala za tako čudovit zapis Metka in komaj čakam, da poročaš o tvojih izkušnjah z izdelki za nohte, ki smo jih prejele. Ne vem zakaj, amapak tudi sama sem se letos najprej zakadila v preskušanje le teh ;). Lepo ustvarjaj še naprej, Nika

    • Metka
      October 18, 2016 / 2:30 pm

      Hvala Nika ♥ In tudi veliko smo jih dobile, teh za nohte, roke. Sem bila zelo vesela. Tako da ja, bom poročala 🙂

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