Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016 Goodies – Swatches & Review

beautiful bloggers meetup nail polish

Hi guys!! Today I am going to talk about the polishes I received at Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016. I got some when I talked to the brands personally and some at the end when I went home. There weren’t only nail polishes in the goodies bags, but today I am going to talk about only them. I also got a lot of hand care products, so I’ll talk about them too, but in other posts.

And if you’re interested in reading about the event, than you should click this link: Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016.

Now let’s start with nail varnish I got. I got it from five different brands: Alessandro, Avon, Trend It Up, Depend and Catrice. And I swatched all of them, although the one from Depend is a hybrid and it should be tested for seven days, since it should last on nails for seven days. I got a glitter polish and the whole system, so I’m not sure if I’ll test the whole system yet. I will if I decide to get the coloured polish, but until then this swatch will have to do ;).

Now let’s get started.


Pretty Ballerina – Alessandro

 alessandro pretty ballerina  alessandro pretty ballerina

Pretty Ballerina* is a pink sheer polish and I did three coats here. It seemed so much more sheer last night, even with three coats, so I didn’t like it too much. But now when I look at the photos I do like it, a lot actually :).

It applies beautifully, with no problems whatsoever. You can see it’s distributed uniformly and it’s so hard to find this kind of polishes, sheer with homogeneous coverage. So yes, I completely changed my mind from yesterday. I say it’s beautiful.

 alessandro pretty ballerina


Starry Sky – Avon

avon starry sky avon starry sky

Starry Sky* is my first contact with Avon nail polish since I started blogging. I had a few polishes years ago, but I can’t remember what they were like and sadly I don’t have them anymore. So it’s like using them for the first time :).

I have to say that I absolutely loved the brush. It’s elegant and the handle is long, so that’s probably the reason why it’s soooo easy to use. The application of the polish was easy, although there were brush strokes present. But they vanished once the polish was dry. And I had to apply thee coats to reach full opacity, because there were still some sheer spots with only two coats. That is a downside, since this kind of polishes are easily opaque in two coats.

I think I’ll use it in Christmas time when it comes.

avon starry sky avon starry sky


270 -Trend It Up

13_trend_it_up_270 14_trend_it_up_270

270* is a deep red/purple polish, perfect for fall. But I really disliked the brush. It’s massive, too wide and the bristles didn’t work as they should. You can see in the photo bellow that the brush has some plastic part going over the bristles at the top. And I believe that this bends the bristles in a strange way when you apply the polish. So not cool. I had major problems applying the polish and I had too much clean up to do after. I had problems around the cuticles, because I wasn’t able to be as precise as I am used to be. And I had some problems reaching the sides of the nails too, so the skin was covered with polish too. I was so sad when all of this happened, because I had such high hopes for this brand, since a lot of bloggers were praising it. But for some reason no one mentioned the strange brush. Is only mine like this? Please let me know if you had the same problems too, ok?

But the polish itself was great. Two coats for full opacity and it was very shiny when it dried.

trend it up 270 trend it up 270


Flickering Star – Depend

depend flickering star depend flickering star

Flickering Star* is the hybrid polish I was talking about earlier in the post. I wanted to show you how it looks and you can see how dense it is with glitter parts. This is one coat over 270 and I must say I was pleasantly surprised by that. It was a bit thick and I think the reason for that is to prevent all the glitter sinking to the bottom. It was easy to apply and it might be fully opaque in two coats.

depend flickering star


Noir Rouge – Catrice

catrice noir rouge catrice noir rouge

The name suggests Noir Rouge* is a blackened red, but to me it looks like a very dark brown, at least on the nails. And in the sun, it is totally brown.

I applied two easy coats for full opacity.

And here you can see the brush too. It’s a wide one again, but it’s so much easier to use than the one from Trend It Up. Here I had no problems at all and that’s probably because of that plastic overlapping thing.

catrice noir rouge catrice noir rouge


So these were my Beautiful Bloggers MeetUp 2016 goodies, well only the polish part. What do you think? Have you tried the Depend 7 day hybrid system and is it working? And what about the Trend It Up? Did you have any problems with the brush too, or is it just me?

I hope you enjoyed reading, thank you and have a nice extended weekend! xoxo




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