Essie Fall 2016 – Kimono-Over Comparisons


Hi guys!! So I decided to do a separate post with Essie Fall 2016 comparisons. As I mentioned in Essie Fall 2016 – Kimono-Over Collection – Swatches & Review post, there are no exact dupes. But I have one polish that is very close to one of the nail polishes from this collection. Now let’s take a look.


Udon Know Me – Essie Fall 2016 comparisons

essie udon know me dupes

There are no dupes here. All shades are lighter and Udon Know Me is more on a greener side of the blue here.


Now And Zen – Essie Fall 2016 comparisons

essie now and zen dupes

I need to tell you that I was 100% certain this was a dupe for Take It Outside when I first saw it. And I was sad. But then I saw some comparison shots of these two and I was sooo happy to see it’s totally different. And as you can see it’s totally unique to my nail polish collection.


Go Go Geisha – Essie Fall 2016 comparisons

essie go go geisha dupe

As I mentioned in the post where I swatched Go Go Geisha, I thought it was a dupe for Peak Show. But it’s totally different, so different that Peak Show didn’t even make it to this comparison shot :). And clearly I have no such colour in my stash. And it’s really pretty I might add.


Maki Me Happy & Playing Koi – Essie Fall 2016 comparison

essie maki me happy playing koi dupe

Maki Me Happy has no dupes in Essie polishes, but the Catrice one looks similar. Well in person the Catrice one looks more on the red/purple side while Essie looks more on the red/brown side. But only when I put it next to Catrice polish. Otherwise Essie looks berry red, not brown at all. And I added Playing Koi in to this shot only because it looked so lonely there in its shot, since I have no similar colours to place them next to it. 🙂


Kimono-Over – Essie Fall 2016 comparison

essie kimono over dupe

And finally the one with almost a dupe. O.P.I is lighter, whereas Essie looks more muted and dusty.


I hope you enjoyed this post and from now on I will probably make separate posts for comparisons of all the collections I will swatch. Or do you prefer comparisons to be included in the swatch and review post? What do you think? Please let me know.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post! xoxo


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