piCture pOlish Nail Art Challenge – Gradient

picture polish reciprocal gradient

Hi guys!!! Today I am going to talk about Nail Art Challenge that piCture pOlish held in their Facebook group. The theme was gradient and there were three categories you could choose from depending on your skill level: beginner, intermediate or advanced. I chose the advanced, but you will clearly see that my mani didn’t fit in to that category. I was a bit reluctant about writing a post about it on my blog, but I decided to do it anyway. I have post it on my social media, so you’ve probably seen it already. And I was reluctant about this mani, because, well, it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind when I started doing it. Here it is. Oh, and there is only one photo of it.

picture polish reciprocal gradient

First of, the colour choice. When I was looking at my piCture pOlish collection, these three were perfect for each other. I put them side by side and they looked so bright next to one another. And the gradient was perfect in my head. But then, when I started doing the nail art, it looked strange. And I was hoping the reciprocal effect will make it better. But I don’t know, it doesn’t. It still looks strange to me. I suppose reciprocal gradient only works with similar colours, at least that’s what I saw on the web. Anyway this is what I did and I learnt something from it.

I used Sorbet, Allure and Hot Lips to make this manicure. I still love how the polishes look side by side, but I don’t like the combination on the nails.

What do you think guys? Does it look ok or is this one of those failed manis that a blogger shouldn’t post and show to the world? I hope it’s not the latter :).

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post. xoxo


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