Monstera Plant Leaves On My Nails

Monstera Plant Leaves On My Nails

Hi my dear readers! Today I have monstera plant leaves nails to show you. When I was a kid we had this plant at our home. I don’t know why but I had always seen it as magical. I remember always separating the leaf parts on the plant, you know those threads that are holding leaf parts together (well they look like little threads). They were making me crazy and I just had to break them :D. But ever since my first daughter was born I didn’t have any plants in my home. We put all away so she wouldn’t play with the dirt or eat the leaves. Though I’ve been considering buying monstera for quite some time now. The kids are a bit bigger and you can tell them not to play with the plants. So if it’s not a demanding plant, I will probably go and buy one.

But enough rambling, let’s start with what and how I did this manicure.

Monstera Plant Leaves On My Nails Monstera Plant Leaves On My Nails

So, Lena from What’s Up Nails contacted me and asked me if I wanted to try their nail vinyls and brushes. Of course I said yes. I was considering ordering them myself for some time now, so it was like she heard me through the web or something. She sent me 10 sheets of vinyls and three brushes to test. And the first I chose was the sheet with monstera plant leaf pattern.

I started with application of two coats of Essie – Chillato. I swatched this nail polish in the Essie Summer 2015 – Peach Side Babe Collection- Swatches & Review post. Then I applied one coat of fast drying top coat and waited untill it was dry. Next I applied the vinyls and over them I painted three different green polishes with a dry brush technique. I used Essie – Vibrant Vibes, O.P.I – I’m Sooo Swamped! and Il Etait Un Vernis – We Want You For NPA Army. After I was satisfied with the pattern created with dry brushing I removed the vinyls. I must say I was impressed with how good the pattern was translated on to nails. The polish didn’t run under the vinyls so the leaves were all spot on. Perfect!

Monstera Plant Leaves On My Nails Monstera Plant Leaves On My Nails what's up nails monstera leaves nail vinyls

You can see the stencils in this photo, and the precision of the pattern on my nails in the macro shots.

Monstera Plant Leaves On My Nails

What do you think of the What’s Up Nails vinyls guys, have you tried them yourselves too? And what about my mani? I must admit I didn’t know what to expect when I started doing these nails. But I’m loving them now. I can’t believe how great monstera plant leaves look on nails. And I am glad I used different polishes to make them, I think this gives the leaves a bit of depth.

*nail vinyls are a press sample and were provided for my honest review

Thank you for reading and see you in next post. Have fun and be good. xoxo


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