White & Black Water Marble Nails

White and Black Water Marble Nails

Hi everyone!! I hope you all had a great weekend! We saw some dinosaurs and the kids loved it. Of course they weren’t the real ones, but it was great to see how big they were :).

And on to my mani. I did another white marble nails, but this time a little bit different than in the White Marble Nails post. You can read all about it further bellow.

White and Black Water Marble Nails

White and Black Water Marble Nails

I used four different polishes to make this mani, but I didn’t use them all on all nails. Some of the nails were made a bit differently than the others.

First I applied two coats of KBShimmer – Eyes White Open. In my opinion it is a bit to thick for water marbling, but I don’t have any other white polish at the moment. So I used it as my main colour and the base for this mani.

While I was waiting for the polish to dry, I applied Kaleidoscope – Cuticle Defender around all nails to protect the skin from staining.

And then I started water marbling. On my pinky, ring finger and index finger I did it like so: one drop of Eyes White Open (EWO), ILNP – Mega (S), A England – Bridal Veil, EWO, Mega (S), ILNP – Paper Route, EWO, Bridal Veil, Mega (S) and EWO. Then I did a random pattern with a toothpick to make it look like marble and then I dipped in the finger. It worked well for these three nails, but on middle finger and thumb it got all weird. There was too much white polish and the pattern on the nails ended up grey, not marble like at all.

So for the last two fingers I decided to put in the water less polish, so on middle finger I used only Eyes White Open, Mega (S) and Bridal Veil, and on thumb I used only Eyes White Open and Bridal Veil (white and holo black).

But I still can’t decide which nail is my favourite. At first I thought thumb would be my favourite, but now when I look at it, I don’t know, it looks too clean. The others are more natural and random like the real marble.

Then I removed the Cuticle Defender and sealed the mani with fast drying top coat.

White and Black Water Marble Nails

White and Black Water Marble Nails

Which nail is your favourite? I think mine is probably the ring finger, but I still can’t decide :). Oh, and sorry about my broken nail on middle finger. I just couldn’t bring myself to file them all down, so it looks a bit crocked :).

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post. xoxo



  1. May 9, 2016 / 6:15 am

    Amazing design! I wish i could watermarble but i don't have the patience. You're so talented.

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