Festival Nails Part 4 – Coachella

Hi everyone!! Happy Saturday!! Today I am going to show you the last mani of the Coachella Festival Series. It’s my favourite of the bunch, well the first one is very close, so maybe it’s a tie :).

This one was inspired by dream catchers which are so popular in the festival (bohemian) community. And the feather I painted on my index is a part of dream catchers.

Again, lots of photos, because I love this mani so much. It was great making it and it was great taking photos of it.

First I applied two coats of KBShimmer – Eyes White Open as a white base for my bohemian art. I waited for it to get dry and then I did random dry brush strokes with six coral and pink polishes. They were (in the order that I applied them): Essie – Peak Show, Essie – Back In The Limo, Essie – Stones N’ Roses, Picture Polish – Fairy Floss, Essie – Spin The Bottle and Essie – Penny Talk. Yes, lots of polishes, but it’s important to use many different to create a nice transition between the colours.

On my ring finger I did the dream catcher. I painted it free hand with black acrylic paint and if you look closely you can see I did the beads with Essie – Penny Talk.

And on my index I painted a feather with black acrylic paint, again free hand.

To seal everything I used Essie – Good To Go fast drying top coat.

So what do you think of my last Festival inspired mani? And which one of the series is your favourite? Here are links to all the others:

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Have a great weekend and see you in the next post!


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