The Winter Is Coming

winter nails

Hi everyone!! As you can see I am getting the feel of the coming winter. It is supposed to snow here on the Saturday, but I guess we will see if it happens. I hope it will, but only for the sake of my kids :). I like the snow, but only when it is cold enough so the snow doesn’t melt right away. You know how the streets look when the new snow is melting, not pretty. So I am hopping for the cold temperatures too.

But enough about my problems with the snow. Here is what I did being inspired by the winter.

winter nails

Those silver spikes just happen to look like mountains :D. I didn’t have that in my mind when I started doing this mani, but now when I am looking at the photos, I actually see the snow falling on to the mountains. How great is that!

As my base polish I used Essie – Private Weekend, which was a part of Essie’s Summer 2015 Collection (you can check the review here). And then I applied the burst nail vinyls to create the silver pattern.

winter nails

The silver polish is Essie – Apres-Chic from their new Winter Collection. And after I removed the vinyls I sponged on Apres-Chic to make the mani more sparkly. I put a few dry brush strokes on the sponge to minimize the quantity of the polish transferred on the nails, because I just wanted some sparkle on the white base. And that was it.

winter nails winter nails

So this is my intro to the season of winter. What do you think? I think it’s elegant and chic and this is exactly how I like my manis.

Thank you for reading!



  1. December 11, 2015 / 5:31 pm

    Zelo lepa, posebna manikira! <3
    Ker sem bolj nova v tem svetu, kar se tiče mojih ustvarjanj, prosim za razlago v slovenščini – kako si uspela tako malo srebrnih bleščic nanesti na belo površino? Hvala! 🙂

  2. December 11, 2015 / 5:36 pm

    Hvala Bojana za pohvalo. S čopiča sem skoraj čisto obrisala lak (srebrni) in potem tako s "suhimi" nanosi nanesla na gobico (tako za make up) malo srebrnih pikic, potem se jih je pa še manj odtisnilo na noht. Poskusi najprej na papir. Čopič skoraj čisto obriši ob vrat stekleničke in potem kar ostane nanesi na gobico, potem pa to odtisni na papir in boš videla ali je preveč ali je vredu (količino nanosa na gobico prilagodiš pa temu koliko laka bi rada imela na nohtu). Če pa še česa ne veš, pa kar vprašaj. 🙂

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