Rose Gold iPhone 6s Manicure


rose gold iphone 6s essie manicure

Hi guys!! I wanted to make this mani ever since I bought the rose gold iPhone. I love this colour soooo much. It’s feminine and sophisticated and elegant!

Ever since I saw this phone I knew that Essie – Penny Talk was the perfect shade. But when I took it out of my stash it looked nothing like rose gold :O. And I was shocked I tell you. Then I went on line and searched for swatches of Penny Talk and every single one of them was rose gold. And then I said to myself well, I have to apply the polish somewhere and see if maybe it gets different once it is out of the bottle. And that is exactly what happened here. It looks plain gold in the bottle, but once it is out of the bottle it turns in to rose gold. What do you know!

rose gold iphone 6s essie manicure rose gold iphone 6s essie manicure rose gold iphone 6s essie manicure

I also used Essie – Blanc for the white stripes and I did them with the help from straight nail vinyls. First I applied Penny Talk, then I put two vinyls in place on each nail and then I applied the white polish between the vinyls.

rose gold iphone 6s essie manicure rose gold iphone 6s essie manicure

And I am sorry for being overly excited, but I really loooooove how this mani looks and the colour. Well to me this is a perfect rose gold iPhone mani!

Do you see the difference between the colour in the bottle and the colour on the nail, well that’s the same polish. I still can’t believe how the glass can change the colour of the polish.

What do you think?

Thank you for reading! xoxo



  1. November 6, 2015 / 4:14 pm

    Wauu tale je pa res lep! Je na voljo pri nas? <3

  2. November 6, 2015 / 4:17 pm

    Hvala <3 Misliš iPhone ali lak? 😀 hehe Ne, lak ni na voljo pri nas. Tega sem kupila še preko amazona, vendar sedaj kupujem essieje samo še pri in tam ga imajo.

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