Striped & Dotted Pattern

Striped Dotted green Pattern

Happy Friday everybody!! Today I have some nail art for you. It is a combination of green and gold and glitter. Here it is.

In my hands I hold Cadillacquer – Where The King Goes, The Realm Follows. I used it as a base for my mani. It is a green jelly polish full of gold glitter and it needs two coats two reach full opacity, two thick coats that is.

Striped Dotted green Pattern

As you can see in this photo all the glitter sunk down to the bottom of the bottle. I shook it a little beforehand and I didn’t have any troubles getting it on the brush, even when it still looked like all of it is in the bottom. So I guess it really is full of glitter. And the gold polish is Essie – Good As Gold and it is amazingly opaque and the thin brush was perfect for doing these stripes. And the dots were made with stripping brush using the same Cadillacquer polish.

You cans see the glitter in the turquoise polish here, there is enough of it on my nails.

Striped Dotted green Pattern

I really like this manicure, especially the green and gold colour combination. What about you?

Thanks for stopping by! xoxo


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