Essie Spring 2015 – Flowerista Collection – Swatches & Review

Essie Spring 2015 Flowerista Collection

Hi everyone!! How are you doing?

Today I have swatches and review of Essie Spring 2015 Flowerista Collection. It has been a while since this collection was available in stores but I have only recently came in to possession of all of the colours. Here they are as bottle shots.

Essie Spring 2015 Flowerista Collection

And swatched in one photo.


Perennial Chic – Essie Spring 2015

Perennial Chic Essie Spring 2015

I applied two coats. There were some visible brush strokes with the first one and it was a little streaky with the second coat, but it totally evened out when it dried. The finish was creme and smooth.

The application was easy, although the wide brush gave me troubles around the cuticle area. I had to be very careful to make the edge round.

Perennial Chic Essie Spring 2015

I thought I was going to love this one, I had such great expectations, but it didn’t look that good once on my hand. It does look good in these photos, but I don’t know, when I saw it on my hands, it just wasn’t what I expected (not that I know what that was:).


Picked Perfect – Essie Spring 2015

Picked Perfect Essie Spring 2015

This one was almost a one coater. You could get away with only one if you left enough polish on your brush. I did two coats for the swatches here.

It was a little thick, but in a good way. I think this thickness made it easy to work with. I had no issues around the cuticles and there were no brush strokes present.

Picked Perfect Essie Spring 2015

And most of all it looked good on my hands. I feared it was going to make my hands look red, but it didn’t. Instead it made them look elegant. It was a big surprise for me, a positive one.


Blossom Dandy – Essie Spring 2015

Blossom Dandy Essie Spring 2015

Can we just stare at it for a moment. Please. This one is so radiant and minty and creamy. Gorgeous!!

It needed two coats to reach full opacity. There were some brush strokes visible with the first coat, but there were none once the second coat was applied. It’s got creme and glossy finish. If I compare it to Mint Candy Apple I think this one is brighter and it’s got this neon touch to it.

Blossom Dandy Essie Spring 2015

This is a perfect spring shade.


Pedal Pushers – Essie Spring 2015

In EU it is called Pedal Pushers and in the USA it is called Petal Pushers. I like the USA version better because of its connection to flowers since this is Flowerista collection. Other than that I don’t care what it is called, because it is a one stunning colour!

Pedal Pushers Essie Spring 2015

I wasn’t sure about this one when I had my bottle standing in front of me. But when I started applying it, waw, it looked amazing. This photos don’t do it justice. Here it looks mainly grey, but it is much more than that. It is blue, and purple and smoked and grey.

I applied two coats for full opacity. There were no brush strokes or no streakiness. It went smoothly around the cuticles and was easy to work with.

Pedal Pushers Essie Spring 2015


Flowerista – Essie Spring 2015

Flowerista Essie Spring 2015

The namesake of the collection, radiant fuchsia purple. And its name is perfect too.

I did 2 coats, but you could easily get away with only one. So I can say it is a one coater. It was a little watery and that caused it to flood my cuticles a little. Other than that it was perfect with a creme, glossy finish.

Flowerista Essie Spring 2015


Garden Variety – Essie Spring 2015

I am still wearing this one and I am hoping it won’t stain my nails or my skin after removal. Fingers crossed.

Garden Variety Essie Spring 2015

I applied two coats for full opacity. This one had a jelly finish and I like that a lot. It makes it stand out of this crowd here because all the others are cremes. It was easy to work with and I had no problems with it.

Garden Variety Essie Spring 2015

So, to conclude, I really love this collection as a whole. If I had to choose one it would probably be Blossom Dandy because it is so radiant. And it makes my hands look tanned, but I think that most of the colours here do :).

What do you think of this collection? And which is your favourite colour?

Thank you for reading!! xoxo


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  1. May 20, 2015 / 7:22 am

    I have this collection also! I didn't know that Petal Pushers was called Pedal Pushers in the EU that's so cool. My favorite from the collection would have to be Flowerista.

  2. May 20, 2015 / 7:24 am

    Yes, it's cool, but I don't know why the different names, because the colours look the same to me. 🙂 And Flowerista is amazing too. I love them all :).

  3. May 27, 2015 / 9:51 am

    My absolute favourite here is Flowerista. This is just my kind of colour.Garden Variety is pretty cool too. And I love the grey Pedal/Petal Pusher. Like many grey polishes it is underestimated in the bottle! Same thing goes for OPI – I Have A Herring Problem wich is on my blog today.
    xo, Pia

  4. May 27, 2015 / 9:58 am

    I had to check your blog, because I didn't know which one is this O.P.I color. And It's amazing too and all the shimmer in it. It's beautiful.

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