Essence Watercolour Nails

Watercolour Nails
Hi everyone!! How are you doing? The weather here is bad so I decided to do bright nails to cheer me up. Here they are.

I used a bunch of colours from Essence new line The Gel Nail Polish. It does not need to be cured under the UV light, you just use it the same way as a normal polish. But it is meant to last longer than the normal nail polish. It is supposed to be worn with The Gel Nail Polish Base Coat and Top Coat, but I didn’t get them so I used other base and top coats.

Watercolour Nails

Now let’s start with the base colour for my nail art. I used KBShimmer – Eyes White Open. I read such good reviews on the web of this white, so I ordered it from Canada. It is better than the white polishes that I have used so far, but not as good as I thought it would be considering the reviews I have read. It was thick and a little hard to work with. I had to adjust my applying technique a bit and then it was OK. The good thing was it applied well around the cuticles and it was almost even when it dried. It was a little streaky, but since I did nail art over it that didn’t bother me.

Watercolour Nails

For the nail art I used make up sponge. I cut it in to small sponges. I held it with my tweezers, brushed on some polish and then sponged this polish on to my nails.

Watercolour Nails

The colours I used here were Essence – Love Is In The Air, Essence – Indian Summer, Essence – Play With My Mint, Essence – A Whisper Of Spring and Essence – Blue Bubble Di Blue.

Watercolour Nails

As you can see on this macro shot I added some sparkle to give this mani an extra touch. For this I used Picture Polish – Holiday. It was released in the winter as a Limited Edition Shade, I think :). It is a beautiful sparkly holographic top coat.

Watercolour Nails

What do you think? Does it say summer or is it still spring? To me it is something in between, a soft transition from one to another.


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  1. May 24, 2015 / 11:18 am

    This is really pretty. To me it works well for both spring & summer

  2. May 27, 2015 / 9:13 am

    Another lovely manicure! It looks fantastic and is just the right pick-me-up for this grey weather! I love it for summer as well as spring.

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