Essie – Lilacism – swatches and review

Essie Lilacism

Hello everyone!! How are you? So, I did cut my hair the way I wanted and I like the result. I think I am the one that likes it the most and I don’t know if that is good or bad :).  I am going to keep it that way for a while and then I’ll see if I’m still going to like it or not.

And to talk about polish. I don’t know what it is with me lately but I fell in love with pastel colours and I decided to swatch all of the pastel polishes I used in my Spring Pastels mani. So here is next one.

It is Essie – Lilacism. A beautiful lilac jelly/creme polish. I just can’t take my eyes of of it :).

Essie Lilacism

It was easy to apply. Two coats for full opacity. The first one was a little streaky and sheer, but the second one fixed everything. It didn’t run into my cuticles, so I was able to make a beautiful edge around them.

Essie Lilacism

I do have to mention that I make reviews of diffusion line polishes from Essie, the ones with the wide brush. I prefer their wide brush to the thin one, it makes the application easier. When I will be making a review of the ones with the thin brush, I will specifically mention this information, otherwise they are from diffusion line.

Essie Lilacism

So, this is another pastel from me. What are your colour choices at the moment?

Oh, and I forgot to mention that my nail on my thumb broke :(. I cut it short and it doesn’t look that bad, but still, I chose to hide it in my photos.


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