Let’s Get Festive

Let's Get Festive

Hi guys!! Two days ago my eldest daughter wanted us to make and decorate a Christmas Tree. So we did it. And I guess that put me in to festive mood. So I decided it is time to do my nails in that spirit. The mani is not fully Christmas but it is a slow transition in to that. You can read more after the jump.

As a base I used Essie – Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low. It’s the only shade from their winter collection that is sold in my country :O.

Let's Get Festive               Let's Get Festive

And it goes beautifully with the red shade. This one is Essie – Forever Yummy. They go perfect together. And the applying of both colours was a breeze.

Let's Get Festive

In macro shot you can see that my hand didn’t want to make circled edge. So it’s not perfect. But I think that’s what makes it even better.

Let's Get Festive

So, have you done your Trees already? I think it’s a little too soon, but my little girl was very persuasive :).


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