Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations on nails

Hello everyone!! Have you decorated your Trees yet? What did you decorate them with? Did you buy ornaments or did you made them yourself? I bought them. To be honest I didn’t have enough time to make my own. But I will try to make them next year with my kids. They will love it and I think it will be fun for them. And of course it will give our Tree that special homely filling.

But instead I decided to do some Christmas decorations on my nails. It’s much faster and less messier than doing real ones with kids :).

For the base colour I chose O.P.I – Christmas Gone Plaid. It is very close to the colour of our Christmas Tree (it is a little darker in photos than in real life). It was easy to apply and I used two coats here, on all nails.

Christmas Decorations on nails

For the ornaments I used MoYou stamping plate No. 18 from their Festive Collection. I did them with white colour Essie – Blanc. And then with a brush I added some sparkle and purple polish. To spice it up a bit. They were Essie – Jiggle Hi Jiggle Low and Essie – Sexy Divide.

Christmas Decorations on nails

For the glitter on other nails I used Cirque Colors – Galinda. It fits perfectly with the white and silver ornaments.

Christmas Decorations on nails

And I remember how many problems I was having with that moustache stamping for my Movember mani. I just couldn’t get it right. Well this time I didn’t have any problems. And I think I am getting better and better. But I still have some practising to do.

What do you think of my Christmas decorations on my nails?

Thank you for reading my dear followers! xoxo


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