Black stars in the sky

Black stars

Hello everyone!! How are you on this beautiful Friday? It’s sunny here, well, and cold :). And my eldest daughter is still ill. We were at the doctor’s this morning and they said she’s got pneumonia. She got the medicine and I hope she will get better soon.

And to my today’s mani. I chose to do something sparkly (my husband said it is sci-fi-ish :)). I took OPI –  Turn On The Haute Light and OPI – Comet In The Sky and mixed them together. Well, not literally.

I think these two work beautifully together. They sparkle like crazy. It’s just that my camera couldn’t capture that. Oh, and for some reason the sharpness is not good. I guess they are hard to photograph these two polishes.

Black stars Black stars

The Comet In The Sky is filled with all sorts of glitter. Black and iridescent hexes of different sizes.

Black stars

You can see them all in this macro shot. It’s just beautiful. And I can’t believe how good this silver looks on my hands. Cause I was a little sceptical when I was choosing the colours.

Black stars

What do you think guys? Is this combo cool? I think it is and I think that you can wear it to the New Year’s party.


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