a england – Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty – Swatches & Review

A England - Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty

Hi guys!! How are you doing? What are you doing on this last week of 2014? Is it really going to be over? I think it went by pretty fast don’t you? Mine went away with a speed of light. I have such good memories of the 1st of January of 2014. I gave birth to my second daughter on the New Year’s day 2014. And it feels like it was just yesterday. But no, she will have her very first birthday so soon. I can’t believe it. Well, she made sure that our 1st of January’s will always be special.

As for my manicure I decided to go with something simple. There will be many other stuff going on around these days and I don’t need for my nails to go crazy too :).

This time I took and swatched A England – Briar Rose/Sleeping Beauty. As described on their site: “Her lips a ruby glow of life, while she lays lost in time” – a cranberry/scarlet base hue bearing a slight milky sheen and a gently ladylike prismatic demeanour, evidence of a still-beating heart. I took their words cause I didn’t know how to describe it.

Well first of all. It is gorgeous!! And it is holo too. I have so many pictures of it that I don’t know which ones to show you. Maybe you will get to see them all :).

A England - Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty

This is a macro shot. I didn’t want to make a pure nail shot. I wanted to include the bottle too. Cause it is such a nice one.

A England - Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty

The polish was a little thick. But that didn’t give me any problems. And when still wet it showed some brush strokes. Once it dried, well you can see for yourself. There are no strokes to be seen.

A England - Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty

I applied to coats. But you could easily get away with only one, thick one.

A England - Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty

And you can tell by the photos I really like their bottle. And even more the content of it :).

A England - Briar Rose Sleeping Beauty

To tell you the truth I didn’t think it was going to look this great on my nails. I was a little doubtful about how the colour of the polish would go with my skin tone. Cause sometimes the red polish makes my skin red and I don’t like that at all.

What do you think? Do you own Briar Rose? How do you like it?

Thank you and see you next time! xoxo


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