Birthday #2 – my mom’s

O.P.I - Miss Piggy's Big Number

Hi guys!! How is your day? What have you been up to?

Well, I was making yet another birthday cake :). And this time for my mother. She’s got her birthday on the same day as my daughter. They were both born on the 12th of November. So this day is really special to me.

My daughter had family and friends over last weekend. And this weekend they are coming here to celebrate my mother’s birthday. So lately I have very busy weekends.

This time I decided to go simple with my mani, but still festive.

I chose O.P.I – Miss Piggy’s Big Number. It’s so beautiful. And it changes colour. I swear.

O.P.I - Miss Piggy's Big Number

In real life it is more blue most of the time. Especially in lower lighting. But straight under the light it goes towards purple.

O.P.I - Miss Piggy's Big Number

It’s amazing. And so was the application. Sheer with the first coat, but fully opaque with second. And it wasn’t drying to fast, so I had plenty of time for each nail.

O.P.I - Miss Piggy's Big Number

And of course I loooooove macro shots. I think they make polish pop out.

O.P.I - Miss Piggy's Big Number

So this is it. Another shot of it for you to feast your eyes on :P.

O.P.I - Miss Piggy's Big Number

Have a great weekend and enjoy yourselves!!! xoxo


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