Peacock feathers on nails

Catrice Feathered Fall

Hi everyone! A few days ago I went for some nail polish shopping. I went to a local drug store and bought some new polish from Catrice. I saw they had a new limited edition collection called “Feathered Fall”. So I bought Peacocktail and top coat Feathery Fact. And I also bought some other polishes, but you will see them in other posts.

So here is what I did with these two. It is a very simple mani, but really very beautiful.

I put two coats of Peacocktail on all nails. And then I wanted to put one coat of Feathery Fact only on ring fingers. But it was looking so gorgeous that I had to put it on all nails.

Catrice Feathered Fall

The Peacocktail is a black base with shimmer in it. It was easy to apply and still a little sheer with two coats. I see the shimmer in green and red colours.

Catrice Feathered Fall

As you can see in this photo above, the red shimmer is popping out. In real life I just see the green shimmer.

Catrice Feathered Fall

And the glitter. It is in a bar shape. There are bigger bars, but the majority is smaller. And it reflects mainly the green colour. But if I turn my nails I get red, yellow, blue, violet, silver. So I guess all the colours that peacocks have in their tails.

Catrice Feathered Fall                                                      Catrice Feathered Fall

The glitter is a little thick, but it wasn’t hard to apply.

I wore this to my daughter’s birthday party. Me and some other moms who have children born in the same month as my daughter make a little party for them to have fun.

And what do you think of these peacock feathers on nails?

Thank you for reading and see you in the next post. xoxo


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