O.P.I – How Great Is Your Dane? – Swatches & Review

O.P.I How Great Is Your Dane?

Hello again! It’s kind of funny when I’m writing this blog and probably talking to myself :). But no matter, I still want to show this beautiful fall colour from O.P.I 2014 fall/winter collection. It is O.P.I –  How Great Is Your Dane?. When I saw the swatches on the internet I was like OMG, this colour is horrible. But then I bought the minis and it was one of them. Well, since I bought it I had to try it of course.  And it blew me away. It is a perfect brown for me. It is a little grey too, and maybe a little dusty and it looks like my nails have been smoked :D. Oh and of course when I saw how gorgeous the colours were in mini pack I had to buy them in big bottles :D.

In pictures I couldn’t catch the brown side of this colour. It just showed more grey than it actually is. In real life it is a little more brown. Here I used the small bottles, so the brush was a little smaller. But it was incredibly easy to work with. First coat was sheer. And it was fully opaque with the second coat.

O.P.I How Great Is Your Dane?

I have noticed something interesting with this polish. When I was applying it to the right hand, the first coat was very sheer. But when applying to the left hand it was almost opaque in one coat. I guess I do a very different applications with each hand.

O.P.I How Great Is Your Dane?

Last but not least, I must say it is very glossy. And even after a few days of wear it still is this shiny. Amazing!

O.P.I How Great Is Your Dane?

I am looking at my nails right now and just can’t stop :). And what are your thoughts about O.P.I –  How Great Is Your Dane??

Thank you for reading! xoxo


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