Hi guys!! Today I have my first giveaway for you, a 2nd blogiversary giveaway (which was in October btw). I’ve been wanting to have this for such a long time, but was afraid that it might end in wrong hands (you know, giveaway hunters and all). The products for this giveaway were kindly provided by the brands. Bérangère from Il Etait Un Vernis provided the polish I love love love. It’s Teach… View Post

If you have a nail polish addict in your vicinity, then you came to the right place. So just continue reading. Over the years I have developed a special taste for nail polish. Not every nail polish is great for me. I know this might sound snobby, but I know a quality nail polish and I don’t like having poor quality varnish in my stash. So the addicts that you’re surrounded… View Post

PRESS SAMPLE Today I’ll talk about Avon Nailwear Pro+ Metallics (I named them that, I don’t know if they are actually called that 😀 ). The shades are all perfect for this time of year. They are sparkly and will be great during the Holidays. And there is a wide range of colours too. You have a white, yellow gold and copper one and a more silver one. So I think… View Post

Today is World AIDS Day. So I’m doing a mani to honour it and to remind you how important it is to use protection and to take care of yourself. I read an article that the amount of infected people is raising quickly and that people are less and less careful. Which is strange and worrisome to me. Because I know I was well aware and informed about it in… View Post