Hi guys!! So I decided to do a separate post with Essie Fall 2016 comparisons. As I mentioned in Essie Fall 2016 – Kimono-Over Collection – Swatches & Review post, there are no exact dupes. But I have one polish that is very close to one of the nail polishes from this collection. Now let’s take a look.   Udon Know Me comparisons There are no dupes here. All shades are lighter… View Post

Hi guys!!! Today I have Essie Fall 2016 Kimono-Over collection for you. I must admit I wasn’t sure whether I liked the polishes or not when I first saw them. But the more I’ve been seeing them on the internet, the more I wanted them. So in the end I caved in and ordered them and I am not sorry for doing so. I l.o.v.e them all ♥. At first… View Post

Hi guys!! Today you wont be reading about my manicure here, you will be reading it at Maja’s blog in this post: Blog Love: Lacquered Bits. She kindly asked me to make a mani that reflects her blog’s logo and write a guest post on her blog. The post is in Slovene, but you know, google translate can make that basic translate so that you get the main idea what is… View Post

Hi guys!! We’re well in to September already so I decided to make another school nails. You can check my first mani in this post: Back To School Nails Made With Reverse Stamping. This time I went for numbers, so here they are, school numbered nails. And to go with the fall I chose some fall appropriate colours. We still have summer weather here, but I can’t wait for the… View Post